Security Compliance Management – Beta Available – Aufruf zur Mitarbeit!!

Gerade auf dem Blog meines Kollegen Roger Halheer gefunden: Security Compliance Management – Beta Available. Eine kurze Beschreibung:

Ensuring Security Baseline Compliance using DCM
The Security Compliance Management Beta provides authoritative, supportable tools and prescriptive guidance to help organizations conduct and validate security compliance checks against established baselines from Microsoft.

Roger schreibt dazu auch:

Compliance is the theme of the day at the moment. We often even see the Security Officers starting to report to the head of compliance.

So, if you are interested in this, we just launched the Security Compliance Management Beta for you to download. I quote from the website:

The Security Compliance Management toolkit consists of 12 desired configuration management (DCM) Configuration Packs that you can use with Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager 2007. You can use the Configuration Packs to scan the computers in your environment to determine their level of compliance with baselines prescribed in security guides from Microsoft for Windows® XP SP2, Windows Vista®, and Windows Server® 2003 SP2. Customers can then use the DCM feature in Configuration Manger 2007 to produce reports that IT professionals can use to remediate security baseline settings and provide proof of compliance to a known baseline. Customers also can customize all of the prescribed security baselines and Configuration Packs.


OK, also wie kann man da mitarbeiten?

Please note this is a Public Beta, the review period runs from April 3 to May 8, 2008. After reading the documentation and using the tools, please provide feedback by completing the Security Compliance Management Beta survey on Microsoft Connect. The survey provides opportunities for written feedback. Alternatively, you can turn on the Track Changes feature in the Beta documents to use the Comment feature to include your feedback. Please e-mail commented documents to

Aus welchen Teilen besteht das Security Compliance Management toolkit?

  • SecurityComplianceManagement.msi: Includes the 12 Configuration Packs that you can use with the DCM feature of Configuration Manager 2007 to verify prescribed security baselines from Microsoft on computers running Windows Vista, Windows XP SP2 and Windows Server 2003 SP2.

  • DCM Configuration Pack User Guide - Beta.docx: Information about how to use the Configuration Packs, and also covers customization, exceptions, and reporting.

  • Security Compliance Management Overview - Beta.docx: High-level view of the toolkit and describes how to plan, set, get, and remediate security setting issues when they occur on computers running these operating systems in your environment.

  • Informational Data Sheet and FAQ for this Beta release.

  • Custom Report Examples of custom reports that will be available at RTM.

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