open Letter in Fincancial Times: "Brussels should stop Microsoft vendetta"

Interessanter offener Brief eines deutschen Microsoft Partners in der Financial Times:


By Damir Tomicic

Published: September 14 2006 03:00 | Last updated: September 14 2006 03:00

From Mr Damir Tomicic.

Sir, In its statement regarding the potential delay of Windows' new operating system, the European Commission appears to be playing games with Microsoft ("Brussels attacked over Vista delay risk", September 8). Instead of offering clear guidance, the Commission appears to be daring the company to ship its product, saying it is not responsible. Is Microsoft supposed to read its minds or simply remove every new feature of Vista that someone has complained about?
The Commission has shown its distance from the daily reality of European small and medium-sized enterprises. As director of Axinom, a small information and communications technologies company, I know the imperative of the timely launch of Vista. It is important to my customers, my staff and the growth of my business.
The Commission needs to take a step back from its Microsoft vendetta, and look at the broader picture, the thousands of small businesses across Europe that expect Windows Vista to make their businesses more secure and better connected.

Damir Tomicic,

Managing Director Business Development,
Microsoft Regional Director, Axinom,
90762 Fuerth, Germany

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