Service Manager Launch Pad – Efficiency Management Pack for Service Desks

Many Service Manager Customers experience challenges when Customers call their Service Desks, they are not sure whether the Customer needs a Service Request or Incident to be created.  The scenario from a Service Desk representative perspective is that you first click on Create Incident, then you capture the Caller’s information and enter information in the Title and description, and at this point you realize that they want a new Service and you should have created a Service Request.  You would have to cancel the Incident and create a Service Request, thus resulting in time lost and asking the Customer the same information over again.  The current functionality in Service Manager does not enable an efficient or quick way to change an Incident into a Service Request without a duplicate record.    

This scenario happens all the time and I created  the Launch Pad Management Pack Bundle that allows you to collect some critical data, title, description, user, prior to opening an incident or service request.  This timesaving Management Pack is a great “FREE” add in for Helpdesks and Support staff as this is usually the case when handling inbound calls from Customers (do they have an Incident – something that is broken, or are they asking for more IT – a Service Request)

The Launch Pad application adds a task called “Open Launch Pad” for Service Requests and Incidents.  The Launch Pad interface enables you to pick a user, enter in the title and the description and as you gather this necessary information you can use the radio button to either create an Incident or a Service Request.  This solution allows you to choose pre-defined templates and then create the incident or service request record.  When you hit submit it will launch the incident or service request in a new window. 

This solution is free and it currently supports templates only and not Request Offerings for Service Requests.  The solution has also been localized to Italian, Dutch, Turkish, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Hungarian, Chinese (Simplified and Traditional), Danish and French.

I would like to thank my colleagues below for providing the localization of this management pack bundle.

Thierry Thomas
Viktor Benkovics
Milton Nucci
Markus Klein
Bahadir Onalan
Sander Brokke
Donato Pasqualicchio
Jonathan Liu
Thomas Ellermann

And a huge thanks to Kathleen Wilson for helping orchestrate much of this.

The Management Pack Bundle can be found at the TechNet Gallery

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  1. Great article. Thank you for sharing this useful information.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Happy New Year, we had a record attendance of 78 attendees to our Service Manager Lync Up call for January

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