Introduction to Network Security Groups in Azure

Recently submitting this as an article and wanted to share it on my blog in case it might help anyone. Back in November of 2014 Microsoft announced the availability of Network Security Groups. In my day job I still find many people not knowing about Network Security Groups or not using them. Prior to network…


Deploying a Website with Content through Visual Studio with Resource Groups

UPDATED: This post has been updated to reflect the recent changes. If you are like me you were glued to the computer watching all of the Build and Ignite sessions, what an exciting couple weeks.  One of the great things that came out was the Azure SDK 2.6 for .NET.  With this we got.. Azure…


Service Manager Launch Pad – Efficiency Management Pack for Service Desks

Many Service Manager Customers experience challenges when Customers call their Service Desks, they are not sure whether the Customer needs a Service Request or Incident to be created.  The scenario from a Service Desk representative perspective is that you first click on Create Incident, then you capture the Caller’s information and enter information in the…


Service Request Reports for System Center Service Manager 2012

So where are the Service Request reports????  If you use Service Manager for Service Requests, you are scratching your head why you can’t see any reports for Service Requests in the Console.  I am a huge fan of leveraging BI and the Service Manager Cubes for my reporting but many people still want out of…


Using SelectSingleNode in PowerShell with XML Namespace (Azure VNetConfig)

So, been doing a lot of work in Azure lately and having to solve problems I have not had to deal with before.  As you know the Network Configuration for Azure if not done through the portal is done through an XML file. Below is an example of an XML file exported from Azure with…


Shutting down a Azure VM with Azure Automation

Recently I was asked how to shut down an Azure VM with Azure Automation, it can be a slightly daunting task, due to the fact that you have to use credentials whether or not its a certificate or PSCredentials.. So figured I would write up a post to show how to do this with PSCredentials….


Creating a Database Programmatically with SMO and XML

I was working on a project with some colleagues about patching systems via Orchestrator.  This brought up the topic of managing state, and to do this one of the best ways is by leveraging a database to record state.  Ultimately we needed to create this database in each new environment and I decided to script…


Pulling all Enumerations and Child Nodes with PowerShell SCSM 2012 R2

I have been working with a colleague of mine Chris Jones on some reporting components for Service Manager and we wanted to pull all of the Enumerations within Service Manager and display them out.  We decided to use SMLets to do this to make it easier. This is the beginning of a data dictionary which…


Adding the Description field to Service Manager 2012 Cubes

I want to first caveat this post that modifying the cube via PowerShell could break something and it not supported, this should be used in a lab environment. The Cubes in Service Manager are a great part of the product it makes for very robust reporting and calculating KPI’s a snap.  A common ask I…