Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 R2 fixes

Lets start new article about fixes released for Dynamics NAV 2009 R2.
There could be discussions about after which build SP1 becomes R2, but i think last "working" sp1 was 32029 and later already could be named as R2.

So i start from:

  1. 1/15/2011. KB 2496107. Build 32012. This is "resource files" fix. These files needed when apply R2 fixes to SP1 - actually with these esorce files you convert SP1 to R2.  You can read details at  
  2. 1/15/2011. KB 2492233. Build 32074.
    1. KB 2481169. "RTC doesn't reset var record if error occurs, as CC does"
    2. KB 2481212. "Inserting records into Record Link via code"
    3. KB 2489666. "Build 31774 has changed the LOOKUPMODE(TRUE) behavior on a Worksheet page, breaking base functionality"
    4. KB 2490096. "Busy indicator does not appear"
    5. KB 2492233. "Object with certain Automation variables exported as .txt or .xml cannot import back"
    6. KB 2493357. "XMLport crashes Classic client when run"
  3. 1/21/2011. KB 2499881. Build 32123. "Microsoft.Navision.mail.dll". "Exchange Online (cloud): TLS needs to be supported in SMTP code"
  4. 2/7/2011. KB 2491371. Build 32146.
    1. KB 2491371 "Variant code list in RTC does not depend on the item choosen"
    2. KB 2492490 "Change the maximum number of XML records exported through the Send to functionality in the RTC"
    3. KB 2500531 "User is not able to post Sales Order due to error message "'2011.01.27.' is not a valid date." in the Hungarian NAV 2009 R2 [HU localization]"
    4. KB 2494881 "Index Hints Index parameter being ignored"
    5. KB 2503748 "When importing a new object, the Modified flag in the Object Designer is lost"
    6. KB 2492239 ".NET interop usage shows errors in NAV 2009 R2"
    7. KB 2491725 "SetApplicationRole - Crash Dumps"
    8. KB 2502488 "Function "Renumber lines" is not properly updating selected entries on the Inventory Analysis Lines page (7115)"
    9. KB 978786 "Users in NAV 2009 SP1 on win2003 TS see all available in network printers"
    10. KB 2493350 "Behavior of the ROUND function on the RTC with decimal results > 18 digits"
    11. KB 2501869 "DisablePersonalization option results in config options being ignored"
  5. 2/9/2011. KB 2503818. Build 32162
    1. KB 2503818 "A codeunit calls an XMLPort which modifies the Check Ledger Entry table. RTC Crashes with "MESSAGE: PERMISSIONS""
    2. KB 2489146 "How finhlink.exe run fin.exe in permissions point of view"
    3. KB 2496038 "Not possible to design menu suites with "Auto-Lock on Design" and designer loose their changes"
    4. KB 2444074 "[BAT] COPYLINKS will cause the wrong Company to be modified if the source and destination record variables point to the same record in a different Company"
  6. 2/17/2011. KB 2480299. Build 32176.
    1. KB 2480299 "Data Integrity at stake when using Item Tracking Lines"
    2. KB 2509042 "XML import shows error in RTC and WS but works in CC"
    3. KB 2507305 "Finsql.exe crashing in OM_AliveCheck"
  7. 2/25/2011. KB 2510356. Build 32198.
    1. KB 2510356 "Report VAT- VIES Declaration Disk BE (11315) exports tag Amount in incorrect format from Role Tailored Client in NAV 2009 SP1 + VAT2010 update [BE localization]"
    2. KB 2512326 "OnAfterGetRecord is executed when closing a Page"
    3. KB 2510959 "Web Service gives error Soap message is invalid!"
    4. KB 2512380 "Watson Bucket: 1568470787; Event Type: DynamicsNavServiceException; Exception Type: system.nullreferenceexception
    5. KB 2512384 "Watson Bucket: 1565838440;  Symbol: MICROSOFT.DYNAMICS.NAV.CLIENT.SERVICECONNECTION.DLL!Microsoft.Dynamics.Nav.Client.ConnectionStateManager.CallServer[[System.__Canon,_mscorlib]]
  8. 3/4/2011. KB 2515099. Buil 32212:
    1. KB 2515099 "The Microsoft Dynamics NAV server crashes when you run an XMLPort in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 "
    2. KB 2518424 "Server disconnections occur if custom code uses the server-side Automation in the Microsoft Dynamics NAV server in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009"
  9. 3/7/2011. KB 2516144. Build 32220. Microsoft.Navision.Mail.dll. "You receive malformed email messages if you use a specific version 7 release of the Microsoft.Navision.Mail.dll file in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009"
  10. 3/10/2011. KB 2518421. Build 32228.
    1. KB 2517834 "The C/AL code designer always opens the documentation trigger when you click C/AL Code on the view menu or press F9 in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 R2"
    2. KB 2517837 "The classic client crashes when you import a license file that is larger than 150 kilobytes (kbs) in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009"
    3. KB 2518421 "The RoleTailored client crashes when you enter Korean characters by using the Korean keyboard in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009"
  11. 3/21/2011. KB 2523310. build 32259
    1. KB 2523310 "The date format in a printed check is incorrect when running from the RTC."
    2. KB 2515025 "RTC crashes with filter in a sub page"
    3. KB 2520827 "Cannot get parameters to work in flowfilters in NODBC"
    4. KB 2505647 "Trying to insert the copied lines into a  new empty request page of a new report crashes the classic client"
    5. KB 2521810 "Malaysian (MY) license able to access AU-localization specific object (Report 17111)"
    6. KB 2522641 "SETFILTER in OnOpenPage using a DateTime field is not returning matching record(s)"
    7. KB 2521915 "User gets an error message "'YYYY.MM.DD.' is not a valid date." when he enters a date on RTC page"
    8. KB 2521509 "The filter '200>' is invalid.  You entered an invalid expression in the filter on the X field in the Y table. in Web Services."
    9. KB 2521862 "Polish characters erase the content of a field"
    10. KB 2520914 "RTC crashes when many actions are added and using Ctrl shortcut to insert a new record"
    11. KB 2522754 "Microsoft.Dynamics.Nav.Client.Builder.dll causing RTC to crash if you try to run a Page at startup time from Codeunit 1"
    12. KB 2522654 "RTC crashes if freze panel is added"
  12. 3/25/2011. KB 2515025. Build 32275
    1. KB 2516873 CPN Setup (page 17086), the options shown in drop down menu for the “cheque journal batch name” field are wrong.(Greece Localization)
    2. KB 2523280 XML Ports don't support ISO-8859-2 encoding
    3. KB 2515025 RTC crashes with filter in a sub page
    4. KB 2528281 Check for NotBlank property on Page allows for blank values
  13. 4/1/2011. KB 2530282. Build 32294
    1. KB 2530282 Enable automatic filter in lookup fields under Customize This Page does not just save to currrent page
    2. KB 2523312 RTC freezes if there are DataCaptionFields defined
  14. 4/12/2011. KB 2533738. Build 32315
    1. KB 2533738 Payment Journal and Cash Receipt Journal Apply Entries in RTC doesn't do partial applies properly
    2. KB 2532412 The Look-up functions on the field "Gen. Jnl. Batch Name" on "General Journal - Test" report (2) request page is not working as expected
    3. KB 2533154 User links lose filters to zup file in NAV 2009 R2 CC
    4. KB 2531105 RTC shows permission errors even setup is correct
  15. 4/20/2011. KB 2530283. Build 32329
    1. KB 2530283 Internet control in a sub form has unfocusable controls
    2. KB 2537928 Not possible to use Automation objects because of the generated code
    3. KB 2536715 The time '03/13/11 hh:mm:ss AM' is not valid in the current time zone. For example, when the clock is adjusted forward, any time in the period that is skipped is invalid. when running planning worksheet in RTC
  16. 5/5/2011. KB 2539847. Build 32365
    1. KB 2539847 Performance drop in Native
    2. KB 2533588 Classic reports open without focus
    3. KB 2539897 Export FOB files to USB Flash drive causes Dynamics NAV to crash on Windows 7 computers
  17. 5/5/2011. KB 2546999. Build 32384
    1. KB 2518424 ISV Code - Message: An item with the same key has already been added.
    2. KB 2521425 Comcom doesnt work from RTC
    3. KB 2546999 "My Notifications" is empty from the Home page in the RTC
    4. KB 2544922 RTC crashes after entering Arabic characters
    5. KB 2545971 Use of Char data type with OutStream on RTC
  18. 5/24/2011. KB 2548578. Build 32419
    1. KB 2548515 Menu Help, Info About Microsoft Dynamics NAV contains invalid information
    2. KB 2548578 Field filter doesn't work on Lookup relations (it returns field number instead of value) in RTC
    3. KB 2548576 Ctrl+Home doesn't work good in drill down lists in RTC
    4. KB 2548582 TableRelation with not existing object can be compiled but can't be run on RTC
    5. KB 2550779 Watson Bucket: 1568979316;  Symbol: MICROSOFT.DYNAMICS.FRAMEWORK.UI.WINFORMS.DLL!Microsoft.Dynamics.Framework.UI.WinForms.ProgressNotificationForm.CloseForm
  19. 5/25/2011. KB 2554208. Build 32441.
    1. KB 2554208 Memory not released and rtc hangs/crashes  after printing reports that contain larger bitmaps
    2. KB 2553711 Is Notes supposed to work over WAN?
    3. KB 2557122 FactBoxes linked to Page via a DateTime field will not find matching records
    4. KB 2557182 Cannot create connection to the server from a user who has a security filter and the basic role set
    5. KB 2531145 OnInsert trigger error makes record insert problematic in RTC
    6. KB 2556690 RFH: SETFILTER in OnOpenPage using a DateTime field is not returning matching record(s) when filtering to a precision of milliseconds
    7. KB 2554814 Objects lose data regarding the modification history. Behavior is not correct.
    8. KB 2555450 Pages close when permission error is received
    9. KB 2548573 RTC parameter -language:1033 doesn't work
    10. KB 2556011 PartnerTranslation Kit for translating to unsupported language doesn't work with R2 resource files and needs to be updated
  20. 6/1/2011. KB 2556568. Build 32465.
    1. KB 2556568 SETTABLEVIEW used from an Action on a Page does not work correctly on RTC reports
    2. KB 2560312 In RTC R2 creating a new G/L Account with an existing G/L Account number gives an error that G/L Account number already exists
    3. KB 2556437 Record Links and notes on purchase and sales prices does not work in RTC
    4. KB 2559667 XML Ports give compile errors when running in RTC
    5. KB 2560600 NAV crashes in report / xml port design
    6. KB 2558745 Field reference boolean field is text on RTC and is translated
  21. 6/7/2011. KB 2563138. Build 32480 .
    1. KB 2557242 RTC crashes on start when RC contains a Page that is not within the customer's license when running build 32275 or later.
    2. KB 2563138 Discarded filter values retained on page
    3. KB 2563259 Question about using the same .NET assembly as a control add-in and a dotnet variable in NAV.
  22. 6/17/2011. KB 2564193. Build 32500
    1. KB 2564193 CaptionML will be lost if you change something on a page and save these changes in the profiles for the user.
    2. KB 2566515 Find As You Type giving unexpected results with RTC
    3. KB 2563747 Duration can't be converted to integer in RTC as it is in CC
    4. KB 2566571 Watson Bucket: 1652661681;  Symbol: MICROSOFT.DYNAMICS.NAV.CLIENT.UI.DLL!Microsoft.Dynamics.Nav.Client.DataBinder.NstDataAccess.Abort
    5. KB 2563168 Record Links table is scanned with every click in Native NAV
  23. 6/23/2011. KB 2556639. Build 32519
    1. KB 2556639 Permission errors for Actions are not shown
    2. KB 2568527 Error when creating new bank account in RTC in Dutch release of Dynamics NAV
    3. KB 2558650 Enable partners to log report usage at customer site on NAV 2009 and NAV 5.0
    4. KB 2566586 InStream works wrong on RTC (it is correct on CC)
    5. KB 2567072 Notes still don't work completely with NAV over WAN
    6. KB 2568463 System MetaData disappears when importing fob files.
  24. 7/1/2011. KB 2575403. Build 32539.
    1. KB 2571000 Record is not updated until user goes out of page in RTC
    2. KB 2572350 Service crashing when ML caption for promotedActionCategories is missing
    3. KB 2572416 Watson Bucket: 1565783556; Event Type: DynamicsNavServiceException; Exception Type: system.argumentexception
    4. KB 2575403 NAV7 Watson Bug 270574
  25. 7/15/2011. KB 2578673. Build 32580
    1. KB 2578673 When drilling down from Acc.Schedule Overview then the Analysis View Entries do not reflect Dimensions filter in NAV 2009 SP1 Role Tailored Client
    2. KB 2582293 Cannot mix server-side invoked and client-side invoked automation objects.- only since build 32329
    3. KB 2581325 Metadata invalid after applying hotfix build 32519
    4. KB 2579980 Watson Bucket: 1619227321; Event Type: DynamicsNavServiceException; Exception Type: system.argumentnullexception
  26. 7/20/2011. KB 2578841. Build 32599
    1. KB 2568720 Unexpected behavior between linked subform and factbox on an RTC page
    2. KB 2578839 Fob import with Merge option deletes Fields Group
    3. KB 2578841 Reports called using URL link ignores filters
    4. KB 2582324 NAV Table with LinkedObject=yes only returns 50 records in RTC Page
  27. 7/27/2011. KB 2584655. Build 32619
    1. KB 2584662 Wrong Indexed View object definitions in SQL Server for complex NAV table
    2. KB 2578842 CurrentRow / CellEditor in RTC sometimes jumps into wrong row after down key and insert in last row.
    3. KB 2586582 Language ID's in NAV (Windows Language virtual Table) have duplicates which needs to be handled in NAV
    4. KB 2575152 Change to use EnumPrinters instead of GetProfileString to find printers
    5. KB 2584565 Watson Bucket: 714122261; Event Type: NavisionInternalError; Error: 18743352; Module: 30
    6. KB 2585615 Watson Bucket: 713589928; Event Type: NavisionInternalError; Error: 1367; Module: 19
    7. KB 2584655 Watson Bucket: -2067088026;  Symbol: NDBCS.DLL!NDBCSColumn::CHARVARCHAR_To_Text
  28. 8/3/2011. KB 2588301. Build 32638.
    1. KB 2518424 ISV Code - Message: An item with the same key has already been added.
    2. KB 2572460 Not able to convert database with SA account
    3. KB 2588301 Page part captions in the Role Center have titles in the wrong language
    4. KB 2589601 OCX variable crashes NAV during compilation
    5. KB 2589602 Watson Bucket: -2063659602;  Symbol: MICROSOFT.DYNAMICS.NAV.NCL.DLL!Microsoft.Dynamics.Nav.Runtime.NavEnvironment..ctor
    6. KB 2589052 RTC crash on start when User Role has a company specified
    7. KB 2589072 Memory overrun when using Printer virtual table (CSIDE crashes)
  29. 8/11/2011. KB 2575263. Build 32657
    1. KB 2575263 Workdate shows NST date rather then RTC date when connting with RTC via TS from different time zones
    2. KB 2586148 SourceTableTemporary property on froms doesn't work in some cases
    3. KB 2586156 RTC LookUp with date filter uses wrong date format in some regions
  30. 8/25/2011. KB 2586144. Build 32673
    1. KB 2586144 Endless loop on TESTFIELD - e.g. RTC hangs as CC works good
    2. KB 2586142 RTC crashes when RDL report runs
    3. KB 2597636 Given table permissions ignored when one of table fields contains table relation with table filter, and validatetablerelation= yes
    4. KB 2597601 Resizing Page 5850 and 5855 causes Page to render incorrectly and display corrupt content
    5. KB 2591319 RTC crashes using complex page with tree
    6. KB 2591316 Pages cannot be maximized via Page.Runmodal
    7. KB 2599257 Classic reports from RTC dont use filter anymore
  31. 9/5/2011. KB 2600385. Build 32719.
    1. KB 2606540 Changing field properties dynamically on classic forms
    2. KB 2586148 SourceTableTemporary property on Pages doesn't work in some cases
    3. KB 2606544 Watson Bucket: -2040541303;  Symbol: FINSQL.EXE!AL_Debug::GetHTable
    4. KB 2604409 Watson Bucket: 1601711817; Event Type: DynamicsNavServiceException; Exception Type: Microsoft.Dynamics.Nav.Types.NavPageBuildErrorException
  32. 9/10/2011. KB 2613282. Build 32735.
    1. KB 2613776 Wrong value displayed in active cell of Matrix if you resize or edit the Form
    2. KB 2613282 RTC usage with user/password can lock account if passwod failed
    3. KB 2617142 Watson Bucket: 1602246565; Event Type: DynamicsNavServiceException; Exception Type: microsoft.dynamics.nav.types.exceptions.navcsiderecordnotfoundexception
    4. KB 2614961 NAV Classic Client crashes when used on Windows 2003 with machine locale set to Thai and a Belgian keyboard
  33. 9/12/2011. KB 2615774. Build 32752
    1. KB 2615774 Error "Object reference not set to an instance of an object." when using CLEAR on a VAR Text Array from WS
    2. KB 2616720 NAV (CC) crashes when a TextBox has a TableRelation
  34. 9/19/2011. KB 2613306. Build 32775.
    1. KB 2599304 NAV Server System.InvalidCastException
    2. KB 2613306 NAV classic client windows loosing focus after Navigation panel off/on
    3. KB 2618157 "Post and Print" not printing if user has an entry in Printer Selections table
  35. 10/4/2011. KB 2623055. Build 32794.
    1. KB 2622031 Error "You do not have permission to read the Company table" when using Web Services if role permissions are restricted to a Company
    2. KB 2620542 If a filter is applied to the Key table (TAB 2000000063), no data will be returned
    3. KB 2623055 Partner Translation tool for NAV 2009 R2 - some Strings can't be translated
    4. KB 2621975 A Variant variable which has a filtered Record assigned to it will lose the filter values when passed as a parameter to a function in RTC
  36. 10/6/2011. KB 2624258. Build 32813.
    1. KB 2624258 Choose columns - Custom fields do not show if CaptionML is blank in late builds of R2
    2. KB 2625894 automation error on RTC
  37. 10/17/2011. KB 2628333. Build 32843
    1. KB 2628466 Add create a PDF functionality to the Printing experience
    2. KB 2626598 RTC crashes when choosing columns - System.OutOfMemoryException
    3. KB 2628333 Form with SourceTableTemporary=True not accessing temporary table contents passed via FORM.RUNMODAL
    4. KB 2628241 Issue addressed in KB 982003 for Record Link table is back in NAV 2009 SP1/R2
    5. KB 2629587 NavNCLStackOverflowException
      We recommend that all objects be recompiled after applying the hotfix where the previous Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 build was 32673 or earlier. If recompiling all objects is not possible for some reason then the minimum requirement is to recompile all Report objects as these will not function correctly until they are recompiled.
  38. 10/18/2011. KB 2625440. Build 32852
    1. KB 2625440 Dynamics NAV crashes when mail is sent via OLHandler
    2. KB 2632837 NAV 2009 R2 Build 32735   - Objects exported can't be imported to older Builds
    3. KB 2628457 Error "The maximum length for a string value is 0" when using CLEAR on a VAR Text Array from WS
    4. KB 2632589 Convert during compile - NAV 2009 R2 Build 32735   - Objects exported can't be imported to older Builds
    5. KB 2629991 Post and Print not printing if user has an entry in Printer Selections table (for Citrix users)
  39. 10/25/2011. KB 2618168. Build 32873.
    1. KB 2618168 Filter removed from Worksheet Page erroneously when updating multiple records
    2. KB 2634926 RTC does not default to values in item card when creating SKU
    3. KB 2633220 Cyrillic II chars from Character Map are lost in later build of Dynamics NAV 2009 R2
    4. KB 2629991 "Post and Print" not printing if user has an entry in Printer Selections table (for Citrix users)
  40. 11/1/2011. KB 2635542. 32900
    1. KB 2635542 Order planning records deleted unexpectedly
    2. KB 2638187 RTC crashes when using reserved words in shortcut
    3. KB 2638893 RTC crash on random user profiles on TS (RTC crashes if printer with Cyrillic  name presented in network)
  41. 11/8/2011. KB 2628981. Build 32924
    1. KB 2628981 CFRONT statement ImportFob reads all objects from db even only 1 object is imported
    2. KB 2642239 Outlook Synchronization in Danish localization does not work correctly with "aa" and "å" chars
    3. KB 2639849 DELCHR(COPYSTR(txt,1,1024),'<=>','')  works incorrect
    4. KB 2642257 When creating a new record from the RTC with certain PageTypes two records can be inserted into the relevant table instead of one in some circumstances.
    5. KB  2639398 finsql.exe crashes with no information
  42. 12/1/2011. KB 2645720. Build 32964.
    1. KB 2645720 Nav server Crash
  43. 12/4/2011. KB 2649497. Build 32982.
    1. KB 2649497 Filters/Limit Totals on the RTC request page are not saved
    2. KB 2649077 Request page does not save values
    3. KB 2649055 Wrong error messages when renaming a record on SQL only
    4. KB 2649036 Error message "Internal error 9 in module 24" when trying to compile object that uses Printer system table on build 32852 if machine has 90+ printers available
  44. 12/7/2011. KB 2592845. Build 33002
    1. KB 2650787 Usage CurrFirm.Setselectionfilter(rec)
  45. 12/22/2011. KB 2649502. Build 33046.
    1. KB 2656819 XML Ports from RTC cannot handle : in tag names. Classic Client can. - RFH
    2. KB 2649502 | sign in filter crashes RTC
    3. KB 2653850 finsql does not always close Excel process - RFH
    4. KB 2656815 RTC: Report register them self during execution on the company. By mistake during unregister they try to release itself from the registered form list
  46. 1/3/2012. KB 2658774. build 33073
    1. KB 2658774 Record Links for tables defined with DataPerCompany=No are not shown in RTC
    2. KB 2660131 Controlling visibility of the factboxes dynamically
    3. KB 2660089 Changing companies in the RTC using AppV causes 'shutting down' message
    4. KB 2660630 Filter on virtual table "file" doesn't work as expected
    5. KB 2658945 Cannot upgrade DB from 5 to latest HF
    6. KB 2659383 Cannot recompile Table 2000000045 after moving metadata version to build 33053 or higher.
  47. 1/4/2012. KB 2660996. Build 33078.
    1. KB 2661688 Percentage handling sign in NAV (classic) is dangerously flaky
    2. KB 2660996 Cannot publilsh pages with RecordID field
  48. 1/17/2012. KB 2664959. Build 2664959.
    1. KB 2664959. Forms with InsertAllowed=No built on empty tables not re-drawing correctly.
  49. 1/27/2012. KB 2666405. Build 33137.
    1. KB 2650330 Trigger on FactBoxes are running also when page opens from lookup
    2. KB 2666405 DIALOG.Open with format #1#########... : RTC dialg width is adjusted to small default, instead of format length -> does not show full text
    3. KB 2665909 SQL Collation when doing a platform required database upgrade
    4. KB 2667345 Web Service is NOT user language depending starting in build 32258 
  50. 2/7/2012. KB 2671785. Build 33172.
    1. KB 2671785 [ ] in field name removal by db alter - remove charaters will fail generating SIFT
    2. KB 2672958 Filter in filtergroup 3 is reset after customizing page
    3. KB 2673981 FlowFilters in SubFormLink of FactBox page does not get updated when the flowfilter is blanked out
  51. 2/14/2012. KB 2674867. Build 33194. STRSUBSTNO converts '\' to CRLF since build 33078
  52. 2/21/2012. KB 2675790. Build 33210. Metadata version 60310***.
    1. KB 2675790 XML Ports from RTC leak server memory
    2. KB 2677811 Classic Client flickers
    3. KB 2678831 RTC disconnects with RecordRef
      1. ****See above for the new field titled “Metadata Version” number. This can be useful when deciding if needs to recompile objects after applying a hotfix. The following fun facts relate to this information:
      2. • The current build number determines the Metadata Version number
        • When applying a hotfix, if the Metadata Version for the old build is different to the Metadata Version for the hotfix build being applied then the MS partner should include a step to recompile all objects in the database after applying the hotfix.
        • If you compile any object in the Classic Client the current Metadata Version number will be applied to the record for that object in the “Object Metadata” table (ID 2000000071).
        • If the “Object Metadata” table does not have a column called “Metadata Version” then the build number must be earlier than 32942 which was the build where this new column was added. When any hotfix build >= 32942 is applied the database conversion process will add this new column to the “Object Metadata” table.
  53.  3/7/2012. KB 2684973. Build 33261. Metadata 60310.
    1. KB 2683875 Printer Selection does not work when the printer name has a local character
    2. KB 2684973 Attachment created from RTC on Outlook 2003 is incorrect
  54. 3/15/2012. KB 2684504. Build 33277. Metadata 60310.
    1. KB 2680569 Scrollbar is missing in RTC on 32-bit only.
    2. KB 2684504 RTC crashes if BlankZero = Yes for BigInteger
    3. KB 2686085 conversion error message with PAGE.RUNMODAL(0,VarVariant)
  55. 3/26/2012. KB 2688689. Build 33284. Metadata n/a. Error "The combination of user ID and password entered is invalid" if NAV Windows login belongs to more than approx 892 security groups. This hotfix only contains a single binary file, i.e. xp_ndo_x64.dll.
  56. 3/30/2012. KB 2694582. Build 33319. Metadata 60310.
    1. KB 2693389 EVALUATE function returns wrong value in RTC if client machine has customized regional formatting
    2. KB 2695143 RTC disconnects if report contains Text[x]
    3. KB 2694552 Cue Groups content in Role Center doesn't show when RTC is started with the part Collapsed - after Build 32657
    4. KB 2692777 RTC crashes with streams
    5. KB 2694582 Mouse validates link 2 times as keyboard once
  57. 4/12/2012. KB 2697284. Build 33346. Metadata 60310.
    1.  n/a PenTest: 'SetRegionalSettings' Heap Overflow/Corruption
    2. KB 2697284 Printers list in RTC shows different results vs CC
    3. KB 2695145 RTC crashes with security filter
    4. KB 2697793 Page doesn't shows Assist edit and Drill down buttons
    5. n/a Nav7 objects can crash the NAV6 client
    6. KB 2698341 Ordinary Dynamics NAV permission error holds locks in SQL Server while waiting for user to click OK
    7. KB 2698241 The type '144' was not defined for the function.
    8. KB 2698614 Request page editor reset modified status in report/xmlport editors


PS. 1. Some of KB articles are not released yet, so HF are not fully available for partners/customers. Please be patient and don't claim this BLOG.
2. I don't track releases everyday, so it could be some released fixes are regressed (because of some issue) and released later, then my mentioned fix build and date become incorrect - but KB article number is allways correct. So please use KB number for fix specification.
3. Product team releases fixes combined in weekly bunch, so realy every fix includes few fixes inside. Usually these fixes inside includes all exe/dll for all folders: RTC, CC, server, NAS, dev toolkit; if it is different fix i will mention this.
4. Installation usually is simple - overwrite existing folders files with fixed. However ask support engineers if you are not sure how to do that.

Comments (2)

  1. Luc van Vugt says:

    Hi Gedas,

    Once again me regarding KB 2492233. "Object with certain Automation variables exported as .txt or .xml cannot import back"

    Tried the hotfix build 32074, but it doesn't solve my issue. Still getting an error "'Automation' is not an option" when reimporting .txt file.

    Any tips on what build to use (where it might be solved)?

  2. Mohamad El-Sadek says:

    Hi Luc,

    I hope you have solved your problem by now, but it stems from the fact that the license you’re using to compile/import objects with doesn’t have permission to use the Automation data type (along with OCX as well). Typically customer licenses don’t have the
    appropriate permissions/granules to be able to do it, but you should be able to with a Partner license.

    I hope this helps.

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