PublisherEvidence strikes again : create .config files everywhere !

My previous post about Exchange 2007 SP1 RU5 at () explained why Exchange Services where so slow to start after RU5 was applied : .Net code checks for the Microsoft Certificate Revocation List at each startup.

As explained in, a .config file with

           <generatePublisherEvidence enabled="false" />

saves the day.

Now you can also need this magically .config file for virtually any .NET based code that run in a non-internet connected environment,

  • My powershell startup, create a powershell.exe.config file

  • Exchange System Manager takes 45 seconds to start ?, create an mmc.exe.config file !

  • Outlook is slowww since we installed that latest plugin ? create an outlook.exe.config file !

Those files have to be created in the same directory the .exe is and that's it.

So you get the picture, create .config files when .NET application OR good old native win32 app that call into .Net dlls are slow to start.


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