Hyper-V and Windows 2008 on my laptop – how to deal with wireless networking

I received a few weeks ago my latest Microsoft laptop and as usual came the question of which OS to install it with.

This time my focus was : go 64 bits and use our latest Windows Server OS, Windows Server 2008 which remarkably was getting out of the doors at that time.

At the same time I had to prepare for my presentations at Techdays France 2008 which I decided to run on Hyper-V. The goal here was to have full portability between my home lab (also on W2K8x64 + HyperV) and my laptop, so if something went wrong with my laptop, I could hopefully connect to my home lab and go on with the demo.

Hyper-V is great, the networking capabilities are getting better and better ... but as a Server Product it was not designed to use my WIFI network adapter, it is not possible to bridge a virtual network to a wireles network adapter. You can use Ben's solution (http://blogs.msdn.com/virtual_pc_guy/archive/2008/01/09/using-hyper-v-with-a-wireless-network-adapter.aspx),  but I do prefer my way, (otherwise I would not be posting) because it lets you keep control of your adressing.

The goal is to create a Windows network bridge and include the virtual network in it.

Here are my steps:
1) Within Hyper-V Virtual Network Manager, create an "Internal Only" network, call it VMNET - it will also create a network adapter within Windows which device name will be the name of the Virtual network.

2) go control panel->network connections Clic your wireless adapter, Ctrl-clic the VMNET bound adapter and then right-clic and choose "bridge"

This way every virtual machines will be bridged to the wireless network and no NAT is involved, pretty handy for the next post ...



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  1. Graham says:

    This worked perfectly for me.  I have a laptop with windows server 2008 as a workstation with Hyper V installed.  I created the internal network and then bridged them and now my VM’s can access the internet ok.

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