2010 Scripting Games Coming Soon

Those of you that read my blog, mostly do so as you are trying to become better PowerShell’ers.  This is an incredible opportunity to have actual tasks that will exercise your scripting muscles.  its a great event, and yours truly might be assisting as a guest commentator this year.  Check out the link below. Grab…


The Get-MailboxStatistics Cmdlet, the TotalitemSize Property, and that pesky little “b”

In my experiences with Exchange and Powershell, I have definitely come across some interesting things.  One of strangest…or so I thought…was the fact that whenever I looked at mailbox size it had a funny little “b” at the end and seemed to be in bytes.  That little “b” though made converting that number to say…


Quick Script to Edit a Single Attribute in AD on a Single User Account

There are no real dependencies for this script, PSv1 or v2, no snap-ins, no modules….just plain old PS (POPS ).  No magic happening here, just some basic read-host and ADSI in play.  I wrote it for a colleague and thought I would share. #This will probably only work for strings and simple numbers and such….


Demo of PowerShell Pipeline Behavior – Asynchronous vs. Synchronous

When I teach PowerShell classes I sometimes get into a discussion on the more advanced topic (at least for a beginner class) of pipeline behavior in terms of running multiple elements of a pipe synchronously or asynchronously.  I usually have a tough time demo’ing this in a really meaningful way until this week. The challenge…