PowerShell and Kinect for Windows

I put together a script that will allow you to render skeleton joints right in your PowerShell console window.  Kinect sees the skelton and the PS processes it.  The code isn't really polished yet so I am not ready to post it, but here is a little youtube video example of what it looks right now.  Later I might try to render lines representing the bones themselves.



I hope you like it.


-Gary Siepser

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  1. Gary Siepser says:

    BTW, I love when older posts get found and still interest people. This one is not that old, but man there are some really old ones on this blog that keep getting new readers.

  2. Gary Siepser says:

    Its pure PowerShell talking to the Kinect object model (the runtimes for the Kinect are needed on the system (installing the SDK is the simplest way to get them). Look on Github for a project called PowerKinect and you can find the code we worked on (I
    cant recall if this exact example is up there or not, we have a few samples).

  3. Allen says:

    Cool stuff Gary!  I'm looking forward to seeing where you can take this.

  4. Mr.CBax says:

    is it pure powershell with sdk hooks or is it c# being executed with powershell?

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