How can I enable “anti-spam” updates in Forefront?

We often get asked how to enable the “anti-spam” feature in Forefront. Well, there isn’t one, so there! That’s the quick answer anyway.   Although its predecessor, Antigen, uses a 3rd-party anti-spam engine, Forefront Server Security for Exchange has no native anti-spam feature. Exchange 2007 provides anti-spam functionality instead, although the Forefront for Exchange installation…


Keyword or Content Filtering is greyed-out in Forefront

As part of performance optimisation for Forefront Server Security for Exchange 2007, certain filtering features are disabled on different scanjobs. In terms of the Forefront Server Security Administrator client you will see these options, but they will be greyed-out and are not configurable. Here are the main differences between Edge/Hub and Mailbox servers:   Edge…


What would Customer Support need to start troubleshooting an Antigen/Forefront Server issue?

My name is Joe Anderson, and I work with the CSS Security Support Team.   Having firsthand experience with customers, I wanted to give some insight into things that we request when troubleshooting a particular issue. Below, I describe several of the common support scenarios and provide information about the type of diagnostics you will…


Log Purge Tool for FSSMC

  I wanted to introduce you to a handy, but little-known tool that we have for FSSMC (Forefront Server Security Management Console). The Log Purge Tool comprises of a GUI and some SQL scripts, which allow you to easily backup and purge old data from your FSSMC SQL databases.   As you use Forefront Server…


Required Accounts and Permissions for Installing Forefront Server products

There are several different accounts and permissions that are required for successful installation of Forefront server products. This blog discusses those accounts and permissions, however complex environments may need additional information not covered in this blog and should contact Support for assistance.   1-      Forefront Server Security for SharePoint (FSSP)   Accounts needed for installing…


How to use the Forefront Server Security Management Console diagnostic tool

Diagnostic logging is helpful information that can be used by Microsoft support technicians to help troubleshoot problems that are occurring while Forefront Security Management Console (FSSMC) is not working properly. To accurately diagnose a problem, support engineers typically need a variety of information about FSSMC and the Forefront servers it is managing. This information consists…


Welcome to the FSS Support Blog

The CSS Security Support Team will be posting to this blog to inform FSS customers about common support issues seen in the field.  If you have a topic you would like to see covered, please post a comment and we will attempt to address it. Thanks, CSS Security Support Team