Important Changes to Forefront Product Roadmaps

The latest release of Office 365 marks the beginning of some changes for products under the Forefront brand. The roadmap for these products is changing to ensure that Microsoft customers continue to receive the best deployment of security and protection solutions for their applications as new versions are developed and released. Customers can read a detailed summary of changes on the Server & Cloud blog at Important Changes to Forefront Product Roadmaps.

Some noteworthy changes to the Forefront Product Roadmaps are as follows:

  1. Forefront Online Protection for Exchange will be renamed Exchange Online Protection in its next release.
  2. Any further release of the following Forefront Products will be discontinued, and will no longer be available for purchase after December 1, 2012: Forefront Protection 2010 for Exchange Server (FPE), Forefront Protection 2010 for SharePoint (FPSP), Forefront Security for Office Communications Server (FSOCS)

It is worth noting that Microsoft will continue providing maintenance and support for these discontinued products for some time. Most Online Service Subscriptions will continue to receive support through 2015.

Amy Doran, Technical Writer, Forefront for Office User Assistance

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  1. Shuki Noy says:


    You right  Tony ,

    It Seems that Microsoft Security Division don't care about the whole Protection Products Solutions ,

    In World that everything goes forward  – there will be no Prevention to start work on the next Solution ,

    Microsoft Security as You wrote take it to the close code level  – the place that the Integrator and the support teams will not be able to bring taste of any Solutions  when the customers will "hurt painfully" in a simple development environment .

  2. On 6/18/2013, I removed a portion of the post regarding support for perpetual licensing, since it was causing confusion regarding when support will end for on-premises Forefront messaging protection products.

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