Forefront Protection Server Management Console 2010 has been released!

On behalf of the Forefront Server Protection team at Microsoft, I am pleased to announce the release of Forefront Protection Server Management Console 2010 (FPSMC).


On December 17th, 2010 Microsoft shipped the Forefront Protection Server Management Console (FPSMC) to provide centralized management for the Forefront Protection 2010 for Exchange Server and Forefront Protection 2010 for SharePoint servers in your environment. FPSMC provides multi-server management through a browser-based interface, and supports the following features:


·         Signature redistribution

·         Policy (configuration) deployment

·         Centralized incident, spam, and engine version reporting

·         Centralized quarantine management

·         Auto discovery of new servers

·         Integration with Forefront Online Protection for Exchange


For a complete list of features included in this free release, along with directions for download and installation, please go to:



Andrew Schiano

Software Development Engineer in Test

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  1. Anonymous says:

    FPSMC utilizes features in Windows Server 2008 R2 and isn't compatible with earlier versions of the operating system.


    Tony T.


  2. TechMind,

    The topic Managing Users (…/gg507702.aspx) discusses user account access within the FPSMC console. Maybe it can be of some help to you.


  3. JohnS,

    See the TechNet deployment and operations documentation for FPSMC here:…/gg507745.aspx


  4. AG says:

    On the plus side it's good we've at least got some sort of management console for FPE 2010, but I'm still very disappointed. The console hasn't come on at all since the Antigen days and really doesn't add very much in terms of the ability to configure large numbers of FPE installations in an Enterprise environment.

    The saving grace with FPE 2010 is the ability to configure via Powershell but it would be nice to have a management console that provides the same level of granularity.

  5. FPSMC Team says:

    Thank you for your feedback regarding FPSMC.  The cancellation of Forefront Protection Manager resulted in the lack of enterprise management for FPE 2010 and FPSP 2010. In order to address customer needs as quickly as possible we needed to balance new features and time to market.

    As you mention, the full PowerShell implementation within FPE 2010 and FPSP 2010 enables manageability of the products. For those interested in using PowerShell to remotely manage servers please see the Forefront Protection Server Script Kit which is also available as a no cost download to FPE 2010 and FPSP 2010 customers. (  

    We appreciate the feedback and will incorporate these comments into the planning process for future releases.

  6. Ferenc says:

    Can someone confirm whether FPSMC runs on Windows 2008 R2 only as the Server Requirements section suggests? Would there be any problem running it on Windows 2008 SP2?

  7. JohnS says:

    When will the admin and deployment guides be available?

  8. Gatti says:

    I can't install FPSMC, getting Error 1722. There is a problem with this Windows Installer package. Any ideas?

  9. TechMind says:

    Can anyone help, is FPSMC have role based access. I mean all the users created have complete acess to the console. Is there any option to define role based access to the users as per the requirement.

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