Information about the new antivirus engine for Forefront and Antigen products

Microsoft is upgrading the multi-engine protection in all Forefront server security products to support a newer version of the antivirus engine.  The newer version will provide customers with improved scanning times and reduced signature file size. The new engine replaces the older engine. 

This new engine publishes update files in a subdirectory – the first engine in the Forefront engine mix to do so.  In order to accommodate this new publishing model, Microsoft is releasing a series of roll-ups that will:

        Include the new antivirus engine

        Ensure that any engine that publishes update files in a subdirectory will update correctly

Customers must install the rollups by Jan. 31, 2011.


Krishnan Venkatasubramanian

Senior Program Manager, Forefront Server Protection


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  1. putneyboy says:

    Hi, I just installed Hotfix Rollup 5 of FSSMC to see the new Kaspersky 8 updates and don't see anywhere in the interface where to enable this, are we saying that as long as Kaspersky 5 is enabled then the clients will receive the update?

    How will this show on the exchange FSS client that they are getting the Kaspersky8 updates?

    Will this stop the weekly occurrence of .bad files being dropped in, if we enabled this today?

    Can we get some release notes or guidance at least!

  2. putneyboy says:

    One other thought, can we operate in a mixed mode environment for the Kaspersky AV?

    i.e. some Exchange Servers may not be upgraded to Forefront Security for Exchange SP2 till later on, so we would need to deploy Kaspersky5 and Kaspersky8 sigs?

    This would be a handy point to put in the release notes too!

  3. Krishnan says:

    For the Forefront Server Security or Antigen 9 Products , Launch the Admin client and navigate to settings…scanner updates panel. If the Kaspersky engine version reflects 8.#.#.# , the product is enabled for version 8 of the engine. If the version still reflects 5.#.#.# the installation is still configured for the version 5 of the Kaspersky Engine. On the Forefront Protection products , you should be able to review the current engine version by navigating to policy management / advanced option / engine summary in the console. We shall also update the Knowledge base articles associated with the update releases with this information.

  4. Exchange 2007 with SP3 and Hotfix Rollups says:

    We recently installed Exchange 2007 and updated to SP3 and Update Rollup 1.  We then realized we were probably supposed to stop at SP2, add in all the Hotfixes for Forefront Protection for Exchange 2007 SP2, THEN put in SP3 then the subsequent Update Rollup 1.  

    We are now stuck with the retired engines including Kaspersky 5 and cannot install the Hotfixs.

    Any suggestions?

  5. putneyboy says:

    As long as you install Forefront Server for Exchange SP2 Hotfix Rollup 3 you should be ok, we have it running fine in our environment –…/2420644

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