Rollup 1 for Antigen 9.0 with Service Pack 2 has been released

Please use the following link to download Rollup 1 for Antigen 9.0 with Service Pack 2.


This rollup includes solutions to issues with the Cloudmark antispam feature released in Service Pack 2.  Listed below are issues resolved with this rollup release:


·         Rollup 1 for Antigen for Exchange version 9.0 with SP2 contains additional diagnostic logging features for the Cloudmark engine

·         The StarEngine service is stopped when SpamCure is deselected

·         Scan engine updates fail and the Antigen logs do not provide a valid error

·         Mail is not scanned after you apply a new template in Antigen 9.0

·         The AntigenClient.exe process in Antigen for Exchange version 9.0 may crash. This generates a Dr. Watson crash that references Bucket ID 1177692600

·         Engine deprecation notifications continue to be sent even though the engine was disabled from all scan jobs and scanner updates.

·         AntigenService crashes in Antigen 9.0 after you save changes that you made in the Antigen General Options panel

·         Antigen 9.0 may detect that valid Office 2003 Word documents contain CorruptedCompressedFile viruses

·         Antigen 9.0 may generate the following error in the ProgramLog.txt: "ERROR: AntigenInternet process returned 80010105 while processing message"

·         A scan engine update fails and generates a warning in the ProgramLog.txt file


As a reminder, please review the following information regarding upcoming antivirus and antispam engine changes on Dec. 1, 2009:


Antimalware Protection

The AhnLab, CA, and Sophos engines will be retired on Dec. 1, 2009.  As of this date, customers will not receive any updates for these retired engines. In order to make sure your Antigen and Forefront products continue to scan efficiently and effectively for malware, any customers running the AhnLab, CA or Sophos engines must DISABLE these engines before Dec. 1, 2009 and select from the new set of five engines – Authentium, Kaspersky, Microsoft, Norman, and VirusBuster.


Antispam Protection

One of the most important changes in our engine revision strategy is moving to the Cloudmark antispam engine*, which provides 99%+ detection rate and less than 1 in 250,000 false positives (West Coast Labs).  The Mail-Filters SpamCure antispam engine will be retired on Dec. 1, 2009. Customers using Antigen products for antispam protection must upgrade to the latest service pack releases listed below BEFORE DEC. 1, 2009 to maintain their antispam defenses.  This is the only way to gain access to the new Cloudmark engine.  The service packs can be accessed on the Microsoft MVLS and VLSC sites:


-          Antigen for Exchange Server with Antigen Spam Manager 9.0 with SP2

-          Antigen for SMTP Gateways with Antigen Spam Manager 9.0 with SP2


For more information on the engine revision strategy, see the Antimalware Engine Notifications and Developments Web page or contact Forefront Contract Administration .  Again, we strongly urge all customers to update to the newest service packs before Dec. 1, 2009 to get the full protection benefits of the Forefront and Antigen server products. 


Brita Jenquin

Sr. Product Manager

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