Help with installing Forefront Security for Exchange Server on clustered Exchange servers

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We get lots of questions on our forums and lots of calls to our support staff about installing FSE and Antigen on clustered Exchange servers.  Obviously, installing on clustered servers is a whole different animal from installing on single servers and requires additional guidance.

In response to that need, our UA team produced cluster install guides in 2008 for FSE and Antigen.  These guides give you system requirements, step-by-step installation guidance for installing on several different types of clustered servers, upgrading guidance, and step-by-step guidance for uninstalling FSE and Antigen from clustered servers.

The guides can be found in our technical library on TechNet:

Forefront Security for Exchange Server:

Antigen for Exchange:

Our excellent support team has also written many Knowledge Base articles about installing FSE and clusters that you may want to review before installing FSE on clustered servers or if you are having problems with FSE on clustered servers.  These include:






If you have feedback on the guides or any of our documentation, please send us a note at

Be safe out there-

Michel LaFantano

FSS User Experience team

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  1. mantolama says:

    Thank you for helping give people useful information for

  2. Md.Azhar says:

    i am unable to install the trial version of fssmc every time getting the same wizard check the requirements

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