Trek Day for the FSS Team

(Warning:  If you’re looking for anything insightful or related to Forefront technology, you can skip this post.)


After hitting numerous development target dates for FSE and doing some serious work to deliver the next generation of Forefront, the Long Island development team got a chance to take some time off.  The Forefront Server team went to a local theatre on Friday for the first showing of Star Trek.


This was one of those things that makes life in software development more fun.  Doing software development is already a lot of fun.  However, taking the morning off to see the latest Star Trek is kind of like getting a gift when you don’t expect it.  (Did I mention that I love stadium seating?)


So more than 100 of us went out to see Star Trek.  They don’t call it anything else, just “Star Trek.”  It’s about the original crew before they were the original crew.  If you remember the original series, you’ll probably like the movie.  It had some interesting twists and stayed close enough to the original to keep our diehard Trekkies happy.   Everyone was well behaved, except for Ken’s cell phone, which went off during Spock’s life changing event. 


When we got back we spent a lot of time at lunch talking about the technology.  If you go see the movie, you should know that:


1.        It really is possible to free fall from outer space and land safely with a parachute.

2.       Warp drive is not impossible, although it might take longer than 140 years for us to develop one.

3.       I didn’t see any computer technology of particular interest.  Most of the cool things were kinetic.


Jim Molini, CSSLP

Forefront Server Security

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