The End of Life for the CA InoculateIT AV Engine

Hello everyone.  I wanted to remind Antigen and FSE/FSSP users that the engine and definition updates for the Computer Associates (CA) InoculateIT engine will end on September 29th, 2008.


On January 16th, 2007, the Computer Associates (CA) InoculateIT engine was combined with the Computer Associates VET engine.  Since the engines were merged, Microsoft has continued to provide engine updates for the InoculateIT engine as a courtesy to customers using the engine.


The original engine changes were described in an announcement to users and a KB article that can be found at:   Although the original announcement said that engine support would be discontinued on June 30, 2007, support was extended to September 29th, 2008.  Support for the engine will not be extended again, so please modify your configurations as soon as possible.


If you are still using the InoculateIT engine for antivirus scanning, you should disable it for all scan jobs and discontinue engine and definition updates for the engine.  For information about engine updating, please read our documentation on TechNet. 


·         For Antigen:

·         For Forefront for Exchange:

·         For Forefront for SharePoint:


The merging of the InocoluteIT and VET engines provides the best features of both engines in a single package and allows Forefront users to run an additional engine for antivirus scanning while retaining the benefits of both CA engines. 


Thanks for reading.

Michel LaFantano
FSS UE - Lead

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