Spam Detection Issue – 2nd Update

Our anti-spam partner Mail-Filters changed the hosting location from which we retrieve anti-spam updates.  Although Microsoft was notified that this change would take place at a future date, our partner was not properly informed that security restrictions within Microsoft operations would prevent this change from being transparent.  As a result, attempts to work around the problem resulted in a dated .dat file being published that was part of the initial install of hosted vendor components within Microsoft operations.


Customers who believe they may be experiencing problems as a result of retrieving this update should verify in the client UI that they are running with an engine version later than August 5th.  A manual update may be performed in the client to ensure that a recent update has been obtained.  The StarEngine service must then be recycled in order for the engine to function properly.


Microsoft apologizes for this inconvenience and is reviewing its operational procedures in order to prevent this from occurring again.


Holly Kipp

CSS Security Support Engineer (Antigen/Forefront Server Security) - Long Island 

Microsoft Corporation


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