East Islip High School technology students introduce some of the Forefront Team.

Hi this is Steve Lindsay from the Tools and Infrastructure team.

Today we had some potential future bloggers/technology guru's in our midst from East Islip High School. They helped write this post and took all the pictures and followed the posting process from beginning to end to bring you this introduction to some of our team members.

Today we had the pleasure of being visited by Christian, Greg and Nick who are students in grades 10 through 12 respectively at East Islip High School. I was surprised at the level of technical knowledge that these guys had considering they haven’t finished school yet. They are definitely the type of people in the future we’d look to for prospective hires! The guys decided to interview and take some snap shots of members from our Test, Development and Program Management teams. They got a quick introduction and took some photos so you guys can see a few of the many hands that work on Forefront before it reaches you.




Christian spoke with Sun Kim first and found out the following: Sun Kim is an SDET in the Forefront Server Security Test Services feature team. Sun has been with Microsoft for 3 ½ years and executes automated test passes on individual releases of the product. He then analyses the results and triages any bugs found. Triaging is the process in which bugs are assigned a priority to be fixed.


Greg spoke with Alex Taskov, Rob Shewan and Rob Saccone. Alex Taskov is a software developer in C++/C Sharp who has been with Microsoft for 7 years. Rob Shewan is also a software developer using primarily C++ who has been with Microsoft for 2 years. Both Alex and Rob are members of the feature team "Control Pipelines and Actions", which is one of several feature teams responsible for the core work of the project. Rob Saccone is a Principal Architect for the entire Forefront Server Team. Rob is not tied to one specific feature team; instead he is available for everyone to consult due to his design and implementation skills. Rob uses primarily C++ and has worked for Microsoft for 3 years.




Finally Nick spoke with Priya.


Priya Ravichandran has been at Microsoft for 1 1/2 years.

 Priya's title is Program Manager 2. In her role, she coordinates across the teams to define the features for the next version of the product and track them until the product ships.


Steve Lindsay,

Signing out...

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