SharePoint Saturday Cambridge

I was fortunate to speak at SQL/SharePoint Saturday Cambridge last weekend, this was an absolutely fantastic event and kudos must go to Mark Broadbent for organising this event. Unlike other SharePoint Saturday's this is a joint event with SQL so plenty of opportunities for SharePoint folk to learn more about SQL!

I presented the session "What's New for IT Pro's in SharePoint 2016" and here are the slides.

There were two questions that I received during my session that I had to take a closer look into, here are my findings:

  1. The Automatic Index Management capability targets lists that have at least 2500 items, this figure is derived from the List View Threshold. Basically it takes the current value for this setting and divides by 2. Therefore, if you change the LVT for a Web Application this will affect the execution of the Timer Job. For example if you increased the LVT to 10,000 this will cause the Timer Job to only process lists with greater than 5000 items, rather than the default of 2500.
  2. When the Extensible App Launcher is in use, end users do not need direct access to the Internet in order for this to be populated with additional Apps that have been added (however the Office 365 ones would be useless in this scenario!). When the On-Premises SharePoint site is requested for the first time a request is sent to /_api/Microsoft.SharePoint.Portal.SuiteNavData.GetSuiteNavData. The On-Premises SharePoint Web Server then makes a request to the Office 365 MySite host ( to obtain a list of apps to add to the navigation. 

Brendan Griffin - @brendankarl


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