Getting Started with Office 365 and the Client Side Object Model – CSOM

SharePoint 2013 included some huge improvements to the Client Side Object Model, as more and more of the customers that I work with are moving to Office 365 I need to start thinking about updating the various scripts that I have to use CSOM. This is critical as my collection of scripts have been exclusively…


The Magically Disappearing "Destination Folder" Option

I recently investigated an interesting issue for a customer. As you may know, when uploading a Document to a Document Library you are presented with the option to select which folder within the library to upload the document to, if the document library contains any folders. In the example below, you can see (highlighted) the option to…


Invalid field name {17ca3a22-fdfe-46eb-99b5-9646baed3f16}

Not the most descriptive title but basically summarises the issue. A customer contacted me as they had issues with an Approval Workflow, basically the Workflow would execute but it would never add anything to the Tasks list. The only information present in the ULS logs was: Invalid field name. {17ca3a22-fdfe-46eb-99b5-9646baed3f16} I did some investigation and…


Identifying Sites using the Publishing Feature

Below is a simple script that iterates through all Site Collections in all Web Applications within a farm and outputs a list of Site Collections that have the Publishing Feature enabled, I needed this recently during a customer engagement to help them to assess how widespread the Publishing Features were being used within their environment. Simply update the…


Working with SharePoint list data – OData, REST and JavaScript

Working with SharePoint list data using OData, REST and JavaScript Recently I’ve been doing a fair amount of work with SharePoint list data using OData and the SharePoint 2013 REST APIs; so I thought I would share some of my experiences with you. As you are aware, SharePoint lists are far from a new thing….


The Magically Disappearing Sub-Site!

Working with a customer recently and a sub-site had magically disappeared in their SharePoint 2010 environment, it wasn’t available to recover from the Site Collection recycle bin so they had to use their 3rd party backup tool to recover the sub-site, they really wanted to discover which user had deleted the sub-site as nobody was…


Create a Site Structure using PowerShell

Updated to reflect feedback from Wes MacDonald – Another day, another excuse to write a PowerShell script! This time I was working with a customer who needed to create a Site Collection for their HR department with a large number of Sub-Sites (one for each team within the department), each Sub-Site required unique permissions. Rather than spending…


Determine Site Template

Another day, another PowerShell script! This time a script that will return details about the Site Template that a SharePoint site is using. A customer of mine has a large number of custom site definitions and regularly needs to determine the template that a specific site uses to aid with troubleshooting. Very simple script, but…


Using PowerShell to upload a scripts output to SharePoint

I often get asked to help customers write PowerShell scripts to aid with the reporting and administration of their SharePoint environment and as you can probably see from my previous Blog posts, this is something I rather enjoy! Recently a customer asked me to help them write a script that would extract information from SharePoint (for example a…


Remove SharePoint 2007 Top Navigation using PowerShell.

Following on from Steve’s great post yesterday about creating site Navigation from CSV it got me thinking, what If I want to use this to create the Global Navigation on a farm that already has a hotch-potch TopNav structure? If this is the situation you are in then the following PowerShell is your friend.. Essentially it runs through all…