Load Test

Vi segnalo un Load Test tool per Sql Server. Al momento la versione di Sql supportata è la 2005 e il software presenta alcune limitazioni  :


  1. Only supports code that operates against a single database with a single connection.
  2. Prepared statements are not supported.
  3. The tool cannot (yet) configure and capture the trace for you, it requires you to use the SQL Profiler yourself to get a trace. With SQL 2005 it is possible to automate this.
  4. Not (yet) integrated into Visual Studio or the DB Pro edition.
  5. The tool has only been tested in an English environment, it is unlikely to work correctly in other environments, particularly with dates. In a future version this could be resolved by requiring the ExistingConnection event class, which lists language and date format.
  6. The tool does not support the XML data types.
  7. InputOutput parameters that are initialised with a NULL cannot be distinguished from Output-only parameters, so they are treated as Output only.
  8. When the trace passes a NULL to a binary parameter (e.g. image, binary, varbinary) the generated code will generate a runtime error. The generated code needs to be modified to pass SqlBinary.Null. The custom code generation extensibility point can be used to work around this.
  9. Positional parameters passed to SQL statements (as opposed to stored procedure calls) are not supported.
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