Alert On Low Disk Space, Including Mount Points

A common task for many database administrators (DBAs) is to set up alert emails to notify themselves when free disk space falls below a certain threshold (e.g. 10%). Before SQL Server ran on Windows clusters that included mount-points, there were a number of methods for checking free disk space, but most didn’t report on the…


Summary of Audit-Specific STIG ID’s

The DoD Database Security Technical Implementation Guide (STIG) has quite a few requirements in the area of auditing, but they’re scattered throughout the document. Here’s a list of all the audit-related STIG ID’s that I found. From the Security Readiness Review: “The majority of Microsoft SQL Server security auditing is provided by the trace facility….


One of the primary areas of responsibility for DBA’s is maintenance, and one of the primary maintenance tasks is file-size management. First I’ll present a list of the file-sizing tasks with short explanations for each one, then some background information, and then some T-SQL to give you the file sizes for all data and log…

Primary DBA Responsibilities

SQL Server is so well-behaved it’s often installed by 3rd party applications in an organization or department without a professional Database administrator (DBA). When such implementations need attention (e.g. backups), system administrators often get involved as acting-DBAs, and some of them discover they enjoy it and start spending more and more time with SQL Server….


Making STIG Compliance Much Easier, Part II

Securing a system requires efforts that can be dropped into 3 buckets: Configuration, Alerting, and Auditing. (Am I missing any? Post a comment if you think of any others…) Securing a system’s configuration means its run-time configuration. Design-time is irrelevant except in how it impacts the run-time configuration, as it is only the actual run-time…