Forefront Endpoint Protection 2010: Resource Digest

With the recent announcement of the release of Forefront Endpoint Protection 2010, we published a bevy of resources through different channels to prepare the way and bring you up to speed. In the interests of providing the community—our readers—a quick-and-easy way to access these resources, we’ve compiled a digest of items for your handy reference.


- The Server & Cloud Platform Team

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Comments (7)

  1. CypherMike says:

    All well and good, but could we, the current FCS users (in the interest of even considering MS for our future needs) get some official answers regarding SMBs.

    The concern of not having a viable solution is obviously shared by quite a few as illustrated by the comments:…/converging-endpoint-security-and-management-say-hello-to-forefront-endpoint-protection.aspx

  2. BCornelius says:

    A little feedback from my university.  We're moving away from a competing AV product.  From testing and what we've seen so far, we really like FEP2010.  Configuration Manager, however, is giving folks fits.  As one person said, this is a really big, complex program.  If you can point folks to resources on that piece, it would make our lives a lot easier.

  3. Zag2 says:

    Same points as above, we are a school and System center is major bloatware for us.

    And why the different years in the title? System center 2007 working with FEP 2010. Totally confusing :/

    Why not offer an all in one solution for AV and management. We simply want something like Microsoft security essentials but with central management.

  4. TechWizard says:

    To BCornelius,  If you have a Premier agreement I highly recommend a SCCM RAP Engagement.    If not, I recommend engaging a Micrsoft SCCM partner.   Finally, there is a full Configuration Manager documentation library on TechNet.    I also recommend that your management send your staff to an SCCM Microsoft Official Curriculam course.   If you have an agreement with software assurance benefits, you may have vouchers to go to classes for no addtional costs.

  5. TechWizard says:

    To Cypher Bit,  for small businesses (I believe 5 users or less) you can use Security Essentials.   If you are bigger than that, your SCCM installation could be very straight forward on a single server.  You then would use the Basic installation of FEP.    So single server is all you would need to support both SCCM and FEP.  If you have an existing Hyper-V or VMWARE server with enough head room to allow for the systems resources of SCCM FEP, you host what you need in a  single VM.

  6. CypherMike says:

    TechWizard, thank you for your reply. I have about 50 users and don't really see how I could justify a SCCM install and licenses

    I might end up going that route anyway, but it strikes me as odd that a slimmed down version, without all the features and license costs, of SCCM isn't available for us SMBs. Much like with FCS.

    Not sure if this is the place to ask, but for how long will FCS be supported (official support, updates/definitions)?

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