Announcing Forefront Endpoint Protection 2010!

We are extremely excited to announce that Forefront Endpoint Protection 2010 (FEP) has released to manufacturing!  Customers can access the RTM release on the Microsoft Volume Licensing Service Center (VLSC) starting Jan. 1, 2011 -- or try the evaluation version immediately. 


This is our first – and very significant – step in making the convergence of desktop security and management a reality.  Customers using System Center Configuration Manager 2007 can now quickly and efficiently deploy, configure, manage, update, and report on FEP protections, helping to lower infrastructure costs and improve overall security.  And since both products are included in the Enterprise CAL (ECAL), customers who purchase ECAL automatically get access to all the licenses they need to implement the solution.  To make deployment easier, FEP will even identify and replace the existing antimalware agents you may have previously installed. 


Customers have already begun seeing the advantages of bringing together powerful antimalware protection with their existing infrastructure for deploying, patching, and updating client systems.  A large university medical center that participated in our Technology Adoption Program (TAP) said the following about their experience using FEP in their 50,000 desktop environment: 


“We’re primarily a paperless organization.  We need 100% uptime so that medical records, prescriptions, and all other documentation is available to our healthcare professionals. The single console for Forefront Endpoint Protection 2010 [and System Center Configuration Manager 2007] gives me a view of our whole system and ensures that we can handle threats before they become an issue.”


There are a ton of new features to explore in this new release including award-winning antimalware protection (FEP uses same engine as Microsoft Security Essentials), vulnerability shielding, Windows firewall management, and, of course, integration with System Center Configuration Manager 2007.  You can find more product details on our Web site or TechCenter.    And for more information about convergence, please visit our new Windows Optimized Desktop page.


We hope that you will give FEP a test drive soon!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Is there any plan for a version of FEP to work on Thin Clients with Embedded Standard?

  2. niklas says:

    I guess you mean 1st January 2011 for VLSC. Will it also go to MSDN/Technet subscriber downloads at same time?

  3. ML49448 says:

    Might as well change the name to Forefront Endpoint Protection 2011 if it not going to be available till then…

  4. Moyshe Oophnik says:


    It's ready to download by now, so I guess 2010 is ok too…

  5. MJL says:

    What management options are there besides System Center Configuration Manager?  Not everybody has a SCCM infrastructure to manage FEP with, especially the SMB market where SCCM is overkill.  

  6. Jon says:

    I think the biggest question is – can FEP be run without the SCCM tools, or is it dependent on them?

  7. Kristian says:

    FEP can still run unmanaged, no need for SCCM

  8. mike says:

    An important question remains though. FEP can run without SCCM. But is there a way to centrally manage it without SCCM? Something comparable to the mgmt/reporting consoles that third party AV provides?

  9. Goat says:

    I have a big problem that I have sold Client Security to several customers with plans of managing it with the Forefront Server Security Management Console.  Now what? How do I deploy and report with purchasing System Center Configuration Manager

  10. MJL says:

    Exactly.  Even a basic MMC management snap-in would fit the bill for most of my clients who want to run and mange FEP 2010.  I realize that large enterprises that already have SCCM will benefit from the integration, but most SMBs I work with only need basic deployment, management and reporting needs.  It’d be nice to get that without telling them they have to purchase SCCM.  Seems like MS may have left a huge client base out in the cold.  

  11. Andrew says:

    This truly is one of the best products available for the Windows OS Desktop systems.  However, in looking at the Enterprise picture, and hearing the rumblings; Will this product be available for the Mac OS, or Linux OS?

  12. sepideh says:


    Can i define a file as a threat on Forefront Endpoint Protection (FEP2010) and every time this file was seen on the desktops or servers fep 2010 perform  action (for example quarantine).


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