Issuing information cards with AD FS 2.0: Community Technology Review released

Microsoft has released the Information Card Issuance Community Technical Preview (CTP.)  This will enable IT administrators to easily issue information cards via Active Directory Federation Services 2.0, giving end users a more flexible and secure means of authentication to applications within the enterprise, across company boundaries and into the cloud.  Through this CTP, we hope to gain valuable feedback on our Information Card technologies. 

The CTP will support the following scenarios:

  • Administrators can install an Information Card Issuance component on AD FS 2.0 RTM servers and configure Information Card Issuance policy and parameters.
  • End users with IMI 1.0- or IMI 1.1 (DRAFT)-compliant identity selectors can obtain Information Cards backed by username/password, X.509 digital certificate, or Kerberos.
  • Continued support for Windows CardSpace 1.0 in Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP SP 3 running  .NET 3.5 SP1.

We have also adding two new mechanisms for interaction and feedback on this topic, a dedicated Information Card Issuance Forum and a monitored e-mail alias

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