Oxford Computer Group and BHOLD team up with FIM

The Microsoft partner ecosystem continues to rally around Forefront Identity Manager (FIM) and Microsoft identity and access management solutions.   For example, Microsoft gold partner Oxford Computer Group and BHOLD Company, which provides software solutions for authorization management and control, announced their partnership to deliver enterprise identity and access governance solutions with FIM.   From their press release:

The partnership sees OCG implementing BHOLD Controls, a robust analysis and detection tool for identity and access audit and reporting, and BHOLD Suite with FIM 2010 for an identity and access management solution which includes role based access management and governance. BHOLD Suite keeps a reliable log of permissions and roles and offers a complete management suite for auditing, reporting, attestation and simulation.

Oxford provides white papers on IAM, including a new one on FIM, available here.

If you are a solution provider partner implementing Microsoft identity and security solutions, be sure to participate in the Microsoft Security Software Advisor Program and earn fees from your customer deployments.

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