Omada extending the power of FIM

At RSA this week Omada (a Microsoft partner-of-the-year award winner) showcased its solutions to extend the power and value of Forefront Identity Manager 2010, including modules for user re-certification, SharePoint governance, compliance reporting, role based access and business process.

The company issued a press release this week about pharmaceutical company Lundbeck's use of FIM and the Omada's Compliace Reporting module.  A quote from that release:

“Our primary reason for choosing Omada and a solution based on FIM 2010 together with Omada’s Compliance Reporting module, is that we utilize Microsoft Active Directory (AD) and Microsoft Exchange broadly at Lundbeck. We are certain that FIM 2010 with Omada’s modules is the best choice when integrating to AD”.

Thomas Svenningsen,
IT Infrastructure Specialist
at Lundbeck

At RSA we shot a video interview with Omada's CEO Morten Boel Sigurdsson...stay tuned for that!

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