Gemalto supports FIM with strong authentication

At RSA Gemalto announced that its Protiva Strong Authentication Server is now fully integrated with Microsoft Forefront Identity Manager 2010.  Thanks to this combined solution, organizations can provision, deploy and manage smart card-based one-time password devices linked to Gemalto strong authentication server, while using the same Microsoft interface to which they are already accustomed.  See their full press release here 

Microsoft's quote in the release:

“We have worked closely with Gemalto so that organizations using Microsoft solutions to manage network identities have a streamlined way to implement smart card technology to enhance their network security and privacy,” said John Chirapurath, senior director in the Identity and Security Business Group at Microsoft.  “It gives our customers the ability to implement strong authentication devices without having to change the way they work day to day. That is what we call Business Ready Security.”


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