RSA Conference 2010: Identity at the Forefront

This week the RSA 2010 conference is happening in San Francisco and, as usual, Microsoft is an active participant at the event.  Today Scott Charney, vice president of Trustworthy Computing, keynoted about Microsoft’s continued efforts to create a safer, more trusted Internet.  He spoke about cloud security, highlighting the importance of identity technologies and Microsoft’s broad investments in identity and access to address the needs of businesses, governments and individuals.  Microsoft made two announcements in this area.


Release of Forefront Identity Manager 2010 (FIM)


FIM is an important deliverable of the Business Ready Security strategy to help companies manage risk and empower their people.  It is a core part of our identity & access management solution, which aims to enable more secure access to both on-site and cloud applications, from virtually any location or device.


Overall, FIM takes a great deal of cost and inefficiency out of identity management and helps companies boost employee productivity. 


The successor to Identity Lifecycle Manager 2007, FIM dramatically simplifies enterprise identity management through end-user self service capabilities and IT administrator tools to automate tasks.  It helps companies manage user accounts and access, password and certificate-based credentials, and identity policies across Windows and heterogeneous environments.  In addition, FIM provides the foundation for custom solutions.


First American Title Insurance Company is using FIM now to automate provisioning and access to business systems for its 14,000 employees.  As a result, the company is helping employees more easily get to the information and applications they need, is improving  its internal auditing and Sarbanes-Oxley compliance, and is also reducing help desk calls – for an anticipated annual savings of $66,000.


More information about FIM and how to evaluate it is here.  You can watch TechNet webcasts about it here and a TechNet Edge video about our identity and access management solution here.



Also at RSA, Microsoft announced the Community Technology Preview of U-Prove. U-Prove is advanced cryptographic software that helps protect people’s identity and privacy as they use online services.  It is especially relevant to e-government initiatives and national ID programs.


Using “minimal disclosure tokens,” U-Prove allows individuals to disclose just the information needed by online applications and services, but nothing more – helping protect privacy and prevent cyber-crime.


Microsoft is working with The Fraunhofer Institute for Open Communication Systems FOKUS in Berlin, Germany.   Fraunhofer-FOKUS is a competency center for e-Government and Secure e-Identity, and hosts the German electronic identity system, which will roll out in 2010.


In his keynote Scott Charney played a video about a Microsoft and Fraunhofer-FOKUS proof-of-concept illustrating minimal disclosure with U-Prove and other Microsoft identity technologies.  You can view the video here.


Look for more posts about FIM and U-Prove, as well as updates from RSA.

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