New Forefront enterprise security solutions for safe, productive web surfing and remote access

Following the last month’s launch of Forefront Protection for Exchange, today we are announcing more progress for our Business Ready Security strategy with the release of two new solutions:  Forefront Threat Management Gateway 2010 (TMG) and Forefront Unified Access Gateway 2010 (UAG.)


These solutions address two key endpoint security challenges.   TMG, available for evaluation and purchase now, helps companies provide safe employee web browsing.  UAG, which will release to manufacturing in mid December and be generally available shortly thereafter, enables organizations to give employees (and trusted partners and vendors) secure remote access to corporate resources.


Forefront Threat Management Gateway 2010

Today’s information workers require web access to do their jobs, but web-based threats continue to rise.  For example, the recent Microsoft Security Intelligence Report indicated that phishing rose significantly in the first half of 2009, quadrupling in May, and that social networking sites accounted for 76% of all phishing impressions.  Securing web use is traditionally challenging for security administrators.  Multiple products and vendors create high costs and management difficulty through “security sprawl.”


TMG is a secure web gateway that enables safe employee web use through comprehensive protection against malware, malicious web sites and vulnerabilities.   Building on its predecessor, ISA Server 2006, TMG provides new URL filtering, anti-malware, and intrusion-prevention technologies to protect businesses against the latest web-based threats.  These technologies are integrated with core network protection features such as firewall and VPN to create a unified, easy-to-manage gateway.   


One of the most exciting features of TMG is its use of Microsoft Reputation Services – a new cloud-based system hosted by Microsoft which maintains a centralized database of 45 million (and growing!) web domains and billions of web pages to help customers identify and block malicious web sites.  It pulls data from multiple sources, such as Hotmail, the same technology that powers SmartScreen in Internet Explorer 8, the Windows Live Security Platform, and more than 10 partners, such as Brightcloud, M8e6 and FutureSoft. The TMG/ISA blog provides a great overview of TMG and its URL filtering capabilities.


Forefront Unified Access Gateway 2010

Building on its predecessor, Intelligent Application Gateway, UAG enables remote access via managed and unmanaged PCs and mobile devices. Integrating a deep understanding of applications, the health state of end user devices, and the user’s identity – UAG enforces granular access controls, ensures security, and reduces management costs and complexity.

While UAG provides a variety of connectivity options such web publishing and SSL VPN tunnels, one of the best new features is UAG’s support and enhancements for Windows DirectAccess (DA). DA is the future of remote access allowing for seamless, always-on connectivity. Always-on keeps users happy as they are continually productive, but it also keeps administrators content as users are “always-managed.” UAG helps make DA deployments simpler, more extensible and easier to scale.

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