Direct Access and UAG video – Deep dive with a Program Manager

Ben Bernstein and Stephen Bowie tell us what the value is for Forefront Unified Access Gateway (UAG) with Direct Access (DA).

After this, we do a whiteboard of UAG + DA architecture, including explaining how it works with multiple UAG servers. Here's how the rest of the interview breaks down:

How UAG supports legacy IPv4 clients (Marker 3 @ 8:02)

How does the client know to connect to the proper DNS server and not the one from the local ISP? (Marker 4 @ 13:17)

How do we know it's securely talking to the proper DNS server? (Marker 5 @ 15:01)

What other components on UAG enable DA? (Marker 6 @ 16:10)

Additional value add for UAG with DA (Marker 7 @ 17:55)

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