Forefront scores in VB100

Forefront Client Security (FCS) received its 10th consecutive VB100 award in the October 2009 Edition of Virus Bulletin.  In order for a product to be awarded the VB100 award, it must detect 100% of the WildList malware samples and must not have any false positives (FP) on the Virus Bulletin clean file collection. 

FCS received one of the highest scores overall – and the highest among major competitors -  in both the proactive and reactive aspects of the new VB RAP (Reactive and Proactive) test, reaffirming the strong result shown in August VB edition and in the May 2009 report from

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  8. Johny Restrepo says:

    I'm sure the new platform FEP will continue to provide the highest quality in security across the Microsoft platform, not complicate, FCS has been a great advantage for us Microsoft users and Microsoft implementers.

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