Forefront for Pharma

Headquartered in Albany, New York, AMRI provides wide-ranging scientific services to pharmaceutical and biotech companies. AMRI has more than 1,200 employees and sales of approximately U.S.$180 million.


The company was using two different client security solutions that did not work well with each other, had reliability problems, and were difficult to manage.


In 2007, AMRI tested a beta version of Forefront Client Security in a pilot project. After the pilot’s success, the company began FCS enterprise-wide.


“For what we really need it to do—secure the computers that store our company’s critical data—Forefront Client Security is a robust, stable solution that does the job reliably. Because we can automate the deployment of Forefront through Windows Server Update Services, we don’t even have to use an admin console to push it out to the environment. It supports a set-and-forget-it approach.”

-James Edwards, Sys Admin, AMRI


Read the case study here.

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