Microsoft tops AV-Comparatives’ testing published the May edition of its proactive/retrospective testing to measure 16 anti-virus vendors’ capability in detecting new threats.  Microsoft anti-virus received one of only 3 Advanced+ ratings. Our detection rate was 60%, the second best among the participants, and we had the fewest false positive samples. 

This result is consistent with some recent proactive tests conducted by other industry test organizations.  In the VB100 April edition, VB introduced a new metric, Reactive and Proactive (RAP), in their test criteria.  Vendors scored from 8.0% to 94.7%.  Both Forefront Client Security and OneCare score at 80% in the RAP test cases.  In addition, in the WildList response time testing by in 2008, Microsoft was in the clear leading position on proactive detection.

For details, see AV-comparatives May edition, published here.

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