The integrated approach to client security

When PhillipCapital and the Australian government’s Customs Service needed to improve the way they protect their desktops, they chose Forefront Client Security.  A big reason for both was Forefront’s integration with the rest of their Microsoft infrastructure.

“Forefront Client Security works seamlessly with our core infrastructure components.  As a result, we have reduced the cost of administering our security infrastructure by 60%.  My advice to any company seeking a new security solution is to try out Forefront Client Security.  The benefits of integration and rich reporting alone make it an ideal choice.”  –   Thomas Thiew, IT Manager, PhillipCapital   

 “The interaction between Forefront Client Security and Windows Server Update Services is excellent,” says Rodgers. “The solution is very well integrated, which will be a big plus for us in terms of sending out updates and security definitions to individual computers.” –  John Rodgers, Director of Technical Infrastructure Support, Australian Customs Service.

Read the PhillipCapital case study here, and the Australia Customs Service case study here.

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