Forefront Client Security Will Offer Broad Support for Windows Server 2008, Including Hyper-V, NAP, and Server Core

  Today at the Tech Ed IT Professional Conference, we announced that Forefront Client Security will offer an array of support for Windows Server 2008.  The FCS agent can now provide support for Windows Server, including Server Core, and native integration for Network Access Protection.  A new NAP-FCS integration kit is now available for download here. FCS will also provide support for Hyper-V upon its release. 

  • FCS Virtualization Security
    Microsoft will provide support for virtualization with the Forefront line of security products, which includes Forefront Client Security support for Hyper-V upon its release. The FCS agent will be installable on Windows Server 2008 host and virtualized operating systems to protect against malicious threats. The FCS Management Server roles can also be installed on Hyper-V virtualized machines to consolidate management server roles.

    And there's more to come. Forefront "Stirling" protection technologies will share and use security information to dynamically respond to threats across physical or virtual environments. For example, if a user's virtual machine is offline and it's brought back online, Stirling will be able to identify that it is out of compliance and automatically trigger remediation. "Stirling" is targeted for release to market in the first half of 2009.

  • NAP-FCS integration Kit
    It's finally here. The NAP-FCS Integration Kit provides customers with health policy enforcement for Forefront Client Security. The kit includes a System Health Agent (SHA) and System Health Validator (SHV) which are key services used to enforce a health policy. In addition to the SHA and SHV, this free kit provides tested guidance to quickly and easily integrate NAP and FCS. The kit will help strengthen defenses against malware by providing a means to enforce a health policy that requires FCS to be installed, functioning, and up-to-date. If this health standard is not met, NAP can deny access to network resources until FCS is updated, remediation occurs, and the client is returned to a healthy state. Get it here now!

  • Windows Server Support
    Starting now, Forefront Client Security Agent as well as the Forefront Client Security Management Console will both support Windows Server 2008. The FCS agent also protects Windows Server Core, as well as supporting Microsoft Cluster Services. Customers can install the FCS agent to protect operating systems that are running Microsoft Clusters Services.
Want more detail?  Visit the Forefront Client Security Blog

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    Well it looks like I’ve missed a heck of announcements at TechEd yesterday morning during the Keynote. 

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    I’m NOT in Orlando this week attending TechEd IT Pro conference. That means I get to enjoy Redmond’s "wintery" spring weather and not Orlando’s hot/humid thunderstorms. For those of you also NOT in Orlando, you can follow along with the happenings at

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    My NAP overview session went very well yesterday. All the demos went off perfect, and I thought {most}

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    At Tech Ed IT Professional Conference, it was announced that Forefront Client Security will offer an

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  10. Forefront Client Security Will Offer Broad Support for Windows Server 2008, Including Hyper-V, NAP, and Server Core
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