A Look at Threat Management Gateway

Microsoft support engineer Yuri Diogenes really digs into the Threat Management Gateway (TMG) beta.  TMG is the next version of ISA server that will be released with Stirling: 

There are many things that you will notice and see that it is different from ISA Server 2006. As far as installation is concern there are some things that you need to remember:

·         IIS will be installed:  that’s correct; IIS now will be installed by TMG. You might be thinking: “I remember that we have issues with IIS and ISA in the same box…”.  You are right for ISA Server, but for TMG we need IIS because TMG needs SQL Reporting Services 2005 and SQL Reporting Services 2005 needs IIS. It is important to emphasize that IIS is not removed if you uninstall TMG.

·         64 bits System: although the final version of TMG requires a 64-bit processor and Windows Server 2008 64-bit, this beta version can be installed in a 32-bit system with Windows Server 2008.

·         WEBS: the TMG beta version that we have available for download it will be part of the Windows Essential Business Server. TMG will be available through WEBS Standard and Premium Edition.

There's lots more, including a bunch of screen shots here.

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