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Microsoft Forefront code-named "Stirling" is our new integrated security solution.  We launched the first beta at RSA last month, and now there is a new Stirling team blog.  The Stirling team has released these new resources:

Greetings from Redmond!

Now that Stirling's been out for a while, it's time to make sure you know the resources available to you when testing Stirling in your lab environment.

TechNet: Stirling information can be accessed from the Stirling TechNet Web site.

Deployment: The Stirling Deployment Guide steps you through installing Stirling and deploying the Stirling client software to the client computers in your lab environment.

Operations: The Stirling Operations Guide has documentation on day-to-day management tasks, as well as feature walkthroughs that you can use in your lab to explore the Stirling features. 

Stirling and PowerShell: Stirling utilizes PowerShell for its features, and the cmdlets available with Beta 1 are documented in the PowerShell console and on TechNet. Also - a brief introduction on how Stirling uses PowerShell is included in the Operations guide.

Newsgroups: You can post questions and get more information about Stirling on the Stirling TechNet Community Forums.

Can't emphasize this last one enough - let us know your questions, and what you think!


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