2008 Security Industry Predictions from the Forefront Team

It’s almost 2008, so it’s the time of year when people make predictions for the coming year.  The security industry is rapidly evolving, so look for more changes in 2008.  Here is our list of predictions.


--  The Forefront Team


Top Security Industry Trends for 2008

1.       As Data loss continues to be a concern, the security industry will respond
In 2007 a large retailer settled a massive data breech for $40 million.  Security companies are responding with solutions to help secure data, and security and privacy will become more interconnected.

2.       More comprehensive protections offered from security vendors
IT departments consistently ask for security solutions that administer and report on more security functions.  They will get it from security vendors.

3.       Virtualization security will become more important
As the use of virtualization grows in the enterprise, malcode writers will look for ways to hi-jack unpatched or poorly designed virtualization deployments , and security vendors will respond.

4.       As more companies deploy software as a service, security as a service will get more important
More and more companies are putting their applications and data “in the cloud,” so security companies will continue the tricky task of protecting it.

5.       Tighter integration of security with management functions
As organizations look to enhance security by gaining better control over their corporate infrastructure, organizations will want better integration of monitoring, configuration, deployment and backup functions.


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