New spam outbreak: mp3 spam

There is a new spam outbreak that hit today, spam in mp3's.  The filenames of the spam varies, and includes some of the following:

  • Emotional ties, for example: dadsong.mp3, oursong.mp3, weddingsong.mp3

  • Well-known artists and songs, for example: santana.mp3, sayyousayme.mp3, smashingpumpkins.mp3, bbrown.mp3, bspears.mp3, gloriaestefan.mp3, beatles.mp3

  • Other "sounds" that people might want to listen to, for example: answeringmachine.mp3, coolringtone.mp3, listentothis.mp3

We've got some spam rules out there to catch these things, we'll know in the next couple of days how effective they are.

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  1. New spam outbreak: mp3 spam
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