FLEX Visio Stencil

FLEX is Office Visio stencil that contains more than 300 icons to help you create visual representations of Microsoft Office or Microsoft Office 365 deployments including Microsoft Exchange Server 2013, Microsoft Lync Server 2013, and Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013. Creating visual representations of your Microsoft Office and Office 365 architectures, including Microsoft Exchange, SharePoint, and…


Lync 2013 Standard Edition Detailed Design Calculator

Lync 2013 DDC is a simple low-level design calculator based on Excel, for a Lync 2013 Standard Edition deployment. Fill in hostnames and IP addresses, and it will calculate DNS, certificates and firewall requirements.This is an initial version covering a standardised deployment with Lync Standard Edition, and most design elements set at standard or best-practice….


Lync 2010 and 2013 Bandwidth Calculator

With the Lync Server 2010 Bandwidth Calculator, you can enter information about your users and the Lync Server features that you want to deploy, and the calculator will determine bandwidth requirements for the WAN that connects sites in your deployment. The package contains a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet that calculates WAN bandwidth requirements for a Lync…


Lync Server 2013 Capacity Calculator

Microsoft released a spreadsheet for calculating a user’s hardware requirements based on information that the admin supplies about number of users, types of communication, and expected traffic. Includes a Microsoft Word document explaining the tool and how to use it. Download from Source.


Lync Server 2013 Best Practices Analyzer

You can use Microsoft Lync Server 2013, Best Practices Analyzer to identify and resolve problems with your Lync Server deployment. The Lync Server 2013, Best Practices Analyzer gathers configuration information from Lync Server 2013 components. With the proper network access, the Best Practices Analyzer can examine servers running Active Directory Domain Services, Exchange Server Unified…


Microsoft Lync Server 2013 Debugging Tools

Microsoft Lync Server 2013 Debugging Tools is a collection of additional tools for use by IT Admins to aid in troubleshooting Lync Server 2013 deployments. The collection of tools include: Snooper OCSLogger OCSTracer ClsController.psm1 Download from Source


Lync Dialing Rule Optimizer

Great Tool to help in simplifying Lync Enterprise Voice Deployment much more easier. Check at Source More details and complete guide.    


Lync Online – Transport Reliability IP Probe (TRIPP Tool)

This reliability tool tests your Internet connection to a Microsoft Lync Online Service data center and measures the response times, bandwidth, allowed ports, route taken, and overall connection quality with respect to Real Time Media. The results can help you evaluate your network configuration for potential use with the Microsoft Lync Online Service. This tool…


Microsoft Lync Server 2010 Resource Kit Tools

The Microsoft Lync Server 2010 Resource Kit Tools contain the following tools. The details of each tool and their usage are described in the accompanying documentation. ABSConfig (Please note, in order to use the ABSConfig Tool, you must upgrade to the latest version of Lync Server 2010 which is available here. ) Audio Extractor Bandwidth…


Lync PowerShell Cmdlets Mind Maps

Nice and very helpful post from Tom Arbuthnot Lync 2010 PowerShell cmdlets by Category. (link) Lync 2010 PowerShell Cmdlets by Verb. (link)