Lync Online – Transport Reliability IP Probe (TRIPP Tool)

This reliability tool tests your Internet connection to a Microsoft Lync Online Service data center and measures the response times, bandwidth, allowed ports, route taken, and overall connection quality with respect to Real Time Media. The results can help you evaluate your network configuration for potential use with the Microsoft Lync Online Service. This tool does not engage any of the offerings from Microsoft Lync Online Service. Instead, it focuses on the quality of your connection to the Microsoft Lync Online Service data center.


This tool helps you understand the quality of the Internet connection between your environment and Microsoft Online Services. It does not measure your environment compatibility with Microsoft Online Services. The tool performs three tests:

  • Speed: This probe measures your actual download and upload speeds, quality of data, and TCP efficiency. It uses TCP/443 for download testing and TCP/443 for upload testing.
  • Route: This probe measures your route quality, including packet loss, latency, round trip, and ISP peering points. It uses Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP).
  • VoIP: This probe measures your expected VoIP quality by measuring UDP loss and jitter. It uses UDP/50021 and UDP/50022 to simulate audio streams with G722 codec at 50pps.
  • Firewall: This probe tests whether your network firewall is blocking ports necessary for the Microsoft Lync Online Service. It tests with outbound connections to TCP/443 for Client Signaling plus AppShare, TCP/5061 for Federation Signaling, UDP/3478 for Media Access, and subsets of UDP/50,000-59,999 for Audio/Video transport.

To get an close to an accurate measurements, browse the TRIPP tool URL that is closest to your location.

San Antonio, TX – access tool here
Blue Ridge, VA – access tool here
Amsterdam, NL – access tool here
Dublin, IE – access tool here

Note: Java support is required to run this tool.

Comments (15)

  1. Don says:

    Is there a logfile created with this tool that I can pass on to support?

  2. Is there a version of the tool that doesn't require Java? You know, in the light of latest java security issues.

  3. Dylan says:

    I see that this KB/Support article lists two additional locations, Hong Kong and Singapore –…/en-us.  Any chance you could add these to this blog post, as it's great to have a single link to point my colleagues to? This TRIPP tool is invaluable, BTW!

  4. John says:

    Question – should we be testing to the site closest to the user…or where the user's pool is at?

    My understanding from MS 365 support is that user's pool is based on where the tenant it at.  So in the case of a US company, they'll be closest to Texas for example.  And a user that on that tenant will always have their traffic traversing back to Texas to get to the pool.  So, they really should always be testing based on the site closest to their pool, not where the user is located at.  Correct?

  5. DomIII says:

    Not working with the latest version of Java. The application is not sighned

  6. Kamerdracy says:

    Too bad application is not signed. Is there workaround?

  7. shgdjhdj says:


  8. A__k says:

    With latest version of java, perform the following:

    1. Navigate to the java control panel
    2. Click on the ‘Security’ tab
    3. Click on ‘Edit Site List…’
    4. Click ‘Add’ button
    5. Add the location URL in question (For San Antonion, TX:
    6. Click ‘Add’ button again to save the setting
    7. Click ‘OK’ to exit the Exception Site List menu
    8. Click ‘OK’ to exit Java Control Panel
    9. Re-start browser and test

    The quick option (not recommended) is to lower your Java security setting from the default, ‘High’ to ‘Medium’ in the Java Control Panel.


  9. Alex. Wang says:

    the sites are unavailable now, all site will show "license expired", could you please help to check?

  10. Abe Suleiman says:

    The TRIPP tool reports that the license has expired, referring to the Java app itself. No go.

  11. jeffcsp says:

    Nice tool if it worked. Can you please update with something that is helpful. Either update the component which is expired or move it to ActiveX so it is not so painful with Java!

  12. Alex. Wang says:

    News from Microsoft, TRIPP tool has reached its end of life cycle, it is no longer supported. decommissioned already

  13. Chris Lehr says:

    Disappointed this has gone away without a replacement option. I see it’s already been pulled from the TechNet articles about Lync Online troubleshooting as well. Any idea if a new tool is expected to surface? Would love to see this as a new tab over at

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