Office 365 Helper Scripts

This package includes a number of helper scripts created during Office 365 deployments. The the section below quickly describes the scripts, the intended action and associated arguments to successfully run the scripts.

AssignLicenseByDG is an example script which can be used to assign licenses. The assignment is based on a membership within a specified distribution group which aligns to an Office 365 license type.

GetMsolTenantSkuUsage establishes a connection with the Office 365 provision web service API and collects information about the number of licenses owned, consumed, and available. The results are displayed in the PowerShell console and saved to a comma-separated values (CSV) file.

GetMsolUserReport generates a CSV report containing both general and mailbox-related information about users in Office 365.

Get-SyncedObjectCount returns the number of objects that have been synced with Office 365, categorized by users, groups and contacts.

This script will search Active Directory and calculate the total number of users, groups, and contacts for each domain in the forest. Object type totals are written to the PowerShell console and saved to a CSV file.

NewDirSyncPowerShellShortcut examines the registry to verify that DirSync has been installed. If DirSync is installed, the script creates a file in the installation folder identified in the registry as DirSyncManagementShell.ps1. The script then creates a PowerShell shortcut in the start menu that points to this file.

NewRandomPasswordFile is a helper routine that generates a random password by referencing a CSV file.

SetMsolUserPasswordFromCSV is a helper routine that sets the cloud identity password. It references a CSV file and uses the set-MsolUserPassword cmdlet which is included in the MSOnline Module for Windows PowerShell.

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