Information Rights Management trial service for Office is disrupted by certification error

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Assume that you try to do one of the following:

  • Sign up for the Information Rights Management (IRM) trial service that is available through Microsoft Office
  • Open some content that is protected by the Information Rights Management trial service

You do this by using a Windows Live ID on a computer that is running Windows XP or Windows Vista.

However, in this situation, you receive the following error message:

Information rights Management Configuration Wizard cannot complete.

An error has occurred.

Your computer cannot be configured at this time because the Account Certification Service is not available. Please run this wizard again later. To close this wizard, click Cancel.

Additionally, you receive the following error message in Microsoft Outlook:

This service is temporarily unavailable. Ensure that you have connectivity to the server. This error could be caused because you are working offline, your proxy settings are preventing your connection, or you are experiencing intermittent network issues.

You may also receive a certificate warning that matches one of the following:

The Certificate Issuer for this site is untrusted or unknown.

The certificate you are viewing does not match the name of the site you are trying to view.

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  1. Wendy Leonard says:

    I have attempted to correct this problem for two days, following every suggestion I have found with a web search, and I still cannot use restricted access in PowerPoint 2010.  I tried the Mr. Fix-it for the problem as well as walking through the steps myself manually; however, it still does not work. I also restored back as far as I could with no change to the condition. I appreciate any help you can give me if, in fact, a fix has been located for this problem.

  2. Mike Wiese says:

    Wendy, I think this is new, and we are among the first to report it. I see that somebody called Ganttman has reported a similar thing at…/windows-rights-management-account-certification-service. You are both reporting it on 3rd Aug 2013 and I first noticed it on 4 Aug 2013 here in Australia.

    Which indicates that the problem is not at our end, it's with Microsoft. They have done this before. I can't remember the details, but they mis-managed their IRM servers a few years back, locking out countless thousands of people from their protected documents because they let a certificate expire, or something like that…

  3. Bye bye MS says:

    This is a f**king unmitigated disaster. I've lost all faith in MS products.

  4. odzodz says:

    same issue here… beautiful…no access to sensitive data…

  5. odzodz says:

    I tried on 4 different computers, with different versions of xls and windows 7 and 8… same issue…

  6. g says:

    Mr Fix it worked for me, I could not access a document for a very long time (over a year) so happy now there is a solution.

  7. Nancy says:

    I went to Windows 10 and now my files will not open. IT says the Account Certification is not available. I need help.

  8. Payal says:

    Hi, i messed all my office work documents just because i upgraded to Windows 10. I am locked out of all my sensitive information coz Account Certification Service is not available. Anyone please respond how i can get back my files please.


  9. John says:

    all my life itiems are tied with the secured documents which now cannot be open because of the account certification service is not available. How could we trust you any more?

  10. Dmitry says:

    please help! i need to decrypt the file what to do???

  11. business-gone says:

    thank you

  12. can-I-get-one-more-time says:

    ok, who do I pay to get all my vital information unlocked?

  13. tontin says:

    Any body has a sense on how to do it or who to pay? Super important to solve…

  14. USMiamiBeach says:

    Its no longer working for me. Any way of solving it?

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