Some performance data of a remote computer is missing from a CSV-formatted log in Windows Vista or in Windows Server 2008

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Assume that you monitor the system performance of a remote computer from a computer that is running Windows Vista or Windows Server 2008. However, if you try to capture the performance data by using the comma-separated values (CSV) format, some performance data in the log is missing.

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  1. Justin Da. Meyering says:

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  2. aldona reese says:

    i want my genesis resident page restore i cant play my games now can you help me

  3. says:

    this is on my computer ive been hacked into for ever and run recovery discs etc… don't know what to do. He keeps switching pages on me so i cannot get nothing out cannot delete cannot get to cmd notghing



    private const L_Help_Title_0_Message = "Windows Remote Management Command Line Tool"

    private const L_Help_Blank_0_Message = ""

    private const L_Help_SeeAlso_Title_Message    = "See also:"

    private const X_Help_SeeAlso_Aliases_Message  = "  winrm help aliases"

    private const X_Help_SeeAlso_Config_Message   = "  winrm help config"

    private const X_Help_SeeAlso_CertMapping_Message  = "  winrm help certmapping"

    private const X_Help_SeeAlso_CustomRemoteShell_Message    = "  winrm help customremoteshell"

    private const X_Help_SeeAlso_Input_Message    = "  winrm help input"

    private const X_Help_SeeAlso_Filters_Message  = "  winrm help filters"

    private const X_Help_SeeAlso_Switches_Message = "  winrm help switches"

    private const X_Help_SeeAlso_Uris_Message     = "  winrm help uris"

    private const X_Help_SeeAlso_Auth_Message     = "  winrm help auth"

    private const X_Help_SeeAlso_Set_Message      = "  winrm set -?"

    private const X_Help_SeeAlso_Create_Message   = "  winrm create -?"

    private const X_Help_SeeAlso_Enumerate_Message   = "  winrm enumerate -?"

    private const X_Help_SeeAlso_Invoke_Message   = "  winrm invoke -?"

    private const X_Help_SeeAlso_Remoting_Message = "  winrm help remoting"

    private const X_Help_SeeAlso_configSDDL_Message = "  winrm configsddl -?"


    ' HELP – HELP

    private const L_HelpHelp_000_0_Message = "Windows Remote Management (WinRM) is the Microsoft implementation of "

    private const L_HelpHelp_001_0_Message = "the WS-Management protocol which provides a secure way to communicate "

    private const L_HelpHelp_001_1_Message = "with local and remote compu

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