Display driver stopped responding and has recovered Error message in Windows Vista or Windows 7

KB Article: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/2665946


Your PC may temporarily hang or become unresponsive, and you receive the following error message:

Display driver stopped responding and has recovered

Comments (5)

  1. Avela says:

    I just just updated my diplay driver in device manager, after installing the new driver it gave me this error. How can this error br fixed?

  2. Tim Flowers says:

    I didn't know a single idea why had 5 internet information detail on my montoir screen?

  3. kirkdemont@gmail.com says:

    thanks for uploading this fix it

    ran it 3 times and it did not work

    still get the same message regularly while playing Guild Wars 2 and World of Warcraft. many other games like battlefield 3 are affected with the same problem

    would manual changes work see: msdn.microsoft.com/…/gg487368

    im not tech savvy so i would need detailed instructions on how to

  4. Victor says:

    Ever since i formatted my pc and installed window 7 on it, it has been giving me “display driver error.” Since then it has been bothering me seriously. Kindly hint me on any possible solution i can adopt. Thanks.

  5. Jeffery Okada says:

    This fixed all the issues for me!


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