Windows 7 Network connections are stuck in Public mode

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You may be unable to change or set your network connection location when attempting to connect to a network using a Windows 7-based computer. The location associated to the network connection may not be a clickable link.

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  1. Ian E says:

    This fix does NOT resolve the problem for me.  I see evidence of lots of people having this problem and it has been an issue since the Windows 7 RC.  There does not seem to be a universally accepted solution either.  I believe this needs to be re-examined by Microsoft.  Thank you.

  2. Steve C says:

    This appears to be a flaw. I too, have been unable to resolve the issue. I can change back to work network, but after a few minutes the connection changes back to public. This is an option that needs to have the ability to modify. Users mistakenly choose public network and there are no options to reverse.

  3. Cathy S says:

    I am having the same problem and I have not found a solution to it. It is very very irritating and needs to be re-examined in detail by Microsoft. There should always be options to reverse a selection.

  4. Tyron says:

    Is there still no fix for this?

  5. jim says:

    I’m having the same problem. I’ve deleted the network. I’ve disabled the adapter. I’ve tried all of the Microsoft stated suggestions and none of them work. This was working fine about a month or so ago and now it’s as if it can’t help but stay on the “Public Network” profile. Any change lasts under a minute before it’s back on the Public profile.

  6. Trebly says:

    I had a functioning network. I moved the computer and connect to a new box (livebox) with a new IP address. I changed the card parameters. When the connection has been established the network was set as public. I could not find a way to change it (windows has been unable to change… see later WHEN , WHY, BECAUSE, WAIT FOR WHAT…!!!).The manual solution Kb 2578723 didn’t give any results, automatic Fix-it 50725 crashes with error code 2738. I don’t remember to have set the parameter to “any new network as public”, may be because one time a public WIFI connection had been set to not public without question and I had received 100,000 mails… on most of my mailboxes (mail boxes checked pop3 after connection for download). This option could be applied to wifi but with the capabillity to change it, with a confirmation for each (this is quite always needed) generally not for ethernet which is generally in a new work network

  7. MARIE says:

    Anyone have a fix for this issue? There is a bug in windows 7 but the fix does not work.

  8. james says:

    neither the ‘fix it for me’ or the ‘fix it myself’ "fixes" work. being able to connect to the internet is the reason Microsoft exists, yet they have allowed this issue to remain unaddressed. I suppose we should all be grateful that the recommended fix
    isn’t a Win8 upgrade. thanks for nothing, yet again, Microsoft.

  9. Danny Lampley says:

    I’m quite sure Microsoft knows the meaning of the phrase "class action." This "bug" is a latent defect for which warranty periods are irrelevant. The FixIt or the manual approach does not fix it. This tiny issue of how to make a network setting stay as
    a home or work group rather than persistently reverting to public is a major problem. There are thousands of pages in blogs, discussion groups, and forums, regarding how to repair this glitch. It is impossible to diagnose and repair the manifold ways this
    bug manifests itself without first being able to just change the stupid setting. I cannot maintain my intranet ethernet connected access to my desktop pc because my wireless internet interferes and causes the intranet adapter/location to revert whereupon my
    pc icon disappears. The only way to get it back is to shut everything down for a full clean Start. I suspect and cannot eliminate the possibility that if my location didn’t change this problem wouldn’t occur. I cannot check this because I cannot do the simple
    tiny change of setting my network location and making it stay. This is not some obscure technical problem affecting only a few computer nerds. This is a known issue about which people have been screaming as far back as 2009. AND IT IS STILL NOT FIXED! Is it
    really going to take a lawsuit?!

  10. cidix says:

    Microsoft must aware about this problem. None of their suggestion are worked. When they will fix this flaw????

  11. Gates says:

    Tried the fix suggested by Microsoft today and it worked just as ineffectually as others are reporting here (ie it did nothing to fix the problem). Howcome Microsoft are offering zero support here?

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