Error message when you open an Internet shortcut file on a computer that has Internet Explorer 7 installed: "Problem with Shortcut The target ” of this Internet Shortcut is not valid"

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On a computer that has Internet Explorer 7 installed, you click a hyperlink that links to an Internet shortcut file. Then, you save the shortcut file to the local disk. When you double-click the shortcut file, you cannot open the file. Additionally, you receive an error message that resembles the following:

Problem with Shortcut
The target "" of this Internet Shortcut is not valid. Go to the Internet Shortcut property sheet and make sure the target is correct.

If you examine the properties of the Internet shortcut file when this problem occurs, the Type of file field indicates that the file type is Internet Shortcut (.url). However, the Web Document tab may disappear. Also, on the Details tab, the URL string may disappear.

Comments (7)

  1. Anonymous says:

    ****** puss internet

  2. kathlyn osborn says:

    I never asked for this short cut  and it's driving me mad..I get a notice up and I cannot get into my facebook..please help…am an old lady!!

  3. David Grand. says:

    Instructions about as clear as mud.

  4. barrie says:

    please am old fellow don’t know much about these but how do I get rid of internet property error

  5. carmel says:

    what a joke, your instructions are nuts, sorry I don’t have a degree in stupid instructions as it seems you have

  6. mary small says:

    stop this crap & remove this internet shortcut sheet for all of us who do NOT want it!!!! NOW

  7. Mary81 says:

    I can not click on face books i con & get to face book. The instructions are confusing.

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