Error message when clicking hyperlink in Office: "Cannot locate the Internet server or proxy server"

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When you create a hyperlink in an Office document and then click the link, you may receive the following error message

Unable to open <URL>. Cannot locate the Internet server or proxy server

where <URL> is the hyperlink that you inserted.

NOTE: The hyperlink does work if you type it directly in the browser or in the Open box of the Run dialog box (click Start, and then click Run).

Comments (10)

  1. Albert says:

    After months of frustrating about why an Excel hyperlink worked on one computer but the hyperlink in the same file didn't work on another computer on our network I searched for a solution and downloaded this Fix It.

    It works beautifully now.


  2. chanakarn says:

    thank you so much for let hyperlink out from my notebook .

  3. chanakarn says:

    thank you for blogs hyperlink .when i online i cannot make for download and i can not direct to website and i want them come to my notebook anymore. pls let me know and do for protect that.

  4. Harold says:

    I had the same problem and tried all the steps and it did not work. Finally I checked the firewall and the MS Excel was blocked. Unblock & Resolved.

  5. PSlack says:

    I found that the manual steps for patching the registry in the article did not work for Office 2010. The FixIt did work. This fix does not work for Office 2013. Does anyone know if an equivalent fix is available or planned?

  6. paul says:

    Worked like a charm – now OneNote opens hyperlinks again! Thanks very much.

  7. Marienotbusy says:

    Thanks Microsoft fixit blog: typing the url into box {start run} worked a treat. Saved loads of gray hair. Thanks so much Genius.

  8. Qujing Lynne says:

    Thanks. I changed the firewall.

  9. tzgle says:

    The stupid workaround that I’m posting here in the hopes that it helps someone else is to use google’s link obfuscation to your advantage:

    Search google for your link.
    Copy the google link to your desired page (this will start as "…" and contain a reference to your link) as the link in the HYPERLINK function.
    This google link should now automatically redirect to your desired page.

  10. computer not savy says:

    I solved this by changing links beginning with https to http

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